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New Bloc Party! “Octopus” + RAC Spin

So Bloc Party is out with the first single from their upcoming album: “Four”. Here they have produced a very quality track in “Octopus”. Haven’t really listened to them before, but this track definitely does give incentive to check them out some more. While it sounds kind of abstract and frankly, just kind of odd, the song is kind of fun to listen to. Maybe it’s because of those weird guitar rifts that makes it sound like a messed up CD playing the same thing again. Not really sure what it is, but it is fun to listen to. Perhaps it because of the oddness of song that I just kind of like it.

Now. The RAC remix. This might be a bit biased because I frigging love RAC, but these guys are the best. Seriously. Pretty much anything they touch, they turn to gold. I don’t know how they do it, but they make their remixes just so damn awesome. They have managed with this track, to turn it from an good, dancable song to a super fresh, even more danceable track. Not sure what they do to make this kind of stuff, but it is so impressive. RAC is a big reason that I am so into remixes haha. The cool part about this specific remix is that RAC keeps pretty much the same song structure and just builds up the disco synths and gasping-for-air-basslines to make it into a really catchy and nice beat to groove to. Also props to them for keeping the guitar solo untouched. Shows their skill. Give it a go and see which version you like better!


It hid and it hid in his bedroom
Psycho killer teen dream action film
Gonna show you how we get down
in my hood

Bubbling bubbling cheap champagne
Leyendecker hole wrecker feel no pain
Lying face down when I swing your way
And what?
What’s my name what’s my name?

Mary Anna said it’s a no-go
She don’t feel like, she don’t think so
I don’t know why I feel like crying
Well come on, come on
Say come on, come on

They ran and they ran from his classroom
Roll another 40, make them scream
Gonna show you how we do things 
in my hood

Tripping and a-tripping, erase all tapes
John Wayne, Rob Roy feel no pain
This is the point where you look the other way

You done
Lost your mind

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