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Call and Response – ODESZA

A while back, we threw up a song called “How Did I Get Here” by a band called Odesza. Coming out of Washington (that’s where we’re from, nice!), A production duo consisting of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches got an instant hit with “How Did I Get Here” which exploded all over the Hype Machine. Then a few weeks back, they dropped their first album “Summer’s Gone” which received some great exposure and is starting to blow them up. They got some great stuff and we were lucky enough to nail a super quick check-in with them, to see where they were at after the album release. They’ve been busy, that’s for sure, but this is what they had to say:

Out of all the songs you two have produced together, what is your favorite one?

Probably “How Did I Get Here” mainly because it was the first song we were really excited about.

I know both of you were independent producers before Odesza, so how and why did you guys get the band together?

We knew each other through mutual friends and had talked from time to time about collaborating but we never got around to actually doing it. Then one day we decided to jam and we made three songs from the album in a day. That’s when we thought “We need to make an album”

When your EP released, I saw it explode all over the Hype Machine. How has that exposure helped increase your fan base?

It’s helped a lot, we’re really fortunate to have had a lot of people support us and post about the album when it was released.

So I know you guys are in the process of trying to set up a tour/live show; Do you guys plan on making it a regional thing or broadening it out to across the nation?

Yes, hopefully across the nation. We are almost done with getting our live show together. Once that’s done we plan on going wherever people will have us.

Final question here, 6 months from now, what is it that you will want to proudly say about Odesza?

That we’re doing a kickass show and people are still into what we’re doing.

Thanks for the interview Kevin! We appreciate you taking the time to do it!

All the best,,


As much as we wish we could’ve gotten more out of them, we’ll take what we got. They’re busy and are already giving us some great music. Thanks again to Odesza for doing this brief interview and I know there will be a lot of excited fans to see what they have next!

Check out their album on their SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/odesza

-you can find download the album if you like it at: http://www.mediafire.com/?25qk5hd4d02ofj6

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Odesza-Summer’s Gone

NOTE: We got lucky and grabbed a quick interview with them!

A while back you might have heard of Odesza, a two piece producer band straight outta Washington and their fantastic track “How Did I Get Here” . They set the bar pretty damn high with that track and word of their album coming out only further put them under some pressure to succeed. But don’t worry. “Summer’s Gone” is good. Real good.

Coming off of “How Did I Get Here” I was expecting an eerie, darker type of sound, contemplative even, and man I was blown away. There is just a awesome mixture of happy,  thoughtfulness, and hope blended together to create one of the chillest albums I have ever heard. I listened through every single song and I didn’t stop at any of them. Such a relaxing album to listen to. If you’ve been on hypem lately, then you can see that they have exploded. And with good reason. This is a great album. If you just want to chill and let yourself get overwhelmed by music, then listen to “Summer’s Gone”. If you just want to relax to a couple songs, then be very careful. You’ll get sucked into it real quick. Some songs that I can suggest you listen to are: “How Did I Get Here”, “We Were Young”, “Hey Now” and “IPlayYouListen”. Just a couple to throw out. This album is amazing though. I love it. The only flaw I can see with it is that the transitions between songs is a bit rough at times because the sounds are really similar and takes away from each song’s respective power. Good stuff! I’m giving it a solid 9.5/10 because I can’t personally find any problems asides from the difficulty placing names to tracks. Also, if you have time, listen to all the tracks. There are some on the album that have an unjustified amount of views compared to their quality. Get acquainted with Odesza. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Download the whole album FOR FREE HERE!

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Beat Kills Straight Outta Washington: Odesza’s “How Did I Get Here”

I feel so proud seeing a track from a Washington-based group explode across the scene and have people love it. I am a bit late in getting a hold of this track, but “How Did I Get Here” is really damn good. Odesza is a two-man squad that has producers BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid joining forces, coming from Washington (Hell-yeah Northwest baby!). I was scrolling through some music blogs and then I clicked play on this one track and damnnnnn. I was blown away. Two minutes of pure bliss. Odesza has their new album, “Summer’s Gone”, coming soon and holy hell am I excited to see what they have to offer. I just found this group a few minutes ago and I already have nothing but praise for this great track. Using vocal samples from Lily Allen’s track “22”, the track was chopped and mixed in with these absolutely magical beats. Allen’s amazing voice with these abstract and smooth beats will leave you just inebriated. The real cool thing about this track is that “22” lyrics seems a lot different when chopped by Odesza. “How Did I Get Here” only uses these lyrics:

How did I get here/

It’s sad but it’s true how society says her life is already over/

There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say

Lily Allen’s track (right here) portrays the idea of ” girls that haven’t figured out what they want to do with themselves. Especially really pretty girls. They can rely on their looks to an extent” (source). The vibe of that specific song doesn’t really give off the hard reality that is true for many girls, but those specific lyrics just in “How Did I Get Here” makes it so much more significant. So in a way, Odesza makes Allen’s song even better. Listen to “22” and then to “How Did I Get Here” and it seems like the latter makes more of an impact on the matter.

I get this kind of late night-ish/early morning feel that just makes me want to do some damn exploring in some dark places. Well I could do that, but it’s just as nice sitting and letting myself fade away and relax to this song. “How Did I Get Here” just has that Washington feel to it. I don’t even know what that means, but with our weather and landscape, it just feels right. The album’s title is just perfect too. It does feel like summer is winding down and this song is just perfect set-up and transition into the fall, rainy months. This is definitely a track I’ll turn to for some thinking time.

These Washington artists came together just a couple months ago, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they got. Head over to their respective pages and check them out! It’s awesome supporting the local scene and this is some awesome stuff that is worth your time. (Also by the time I finished this post, I already listened to the song 15 times, it’s just that good)

Hey we also got an interview with them!

Check out BeachesBeaches:
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AND their joint group ‘Odesza’:

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