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You Got Here How?

The latest YGHH features two like minded souls in search of one another, though they don’t know it yet. Somewhere, a boy and a girl are each looking for that person with whom they will spend the remainder of their life. A quiet existence. A modern existence. A low-key existence. Each cog in this match made at a Wavves concert is lonesome and deserving, yearning for a like-minded couch ridden companion. I feel that it is my duty to match these two together.

Step forward, that boy longing for “sexy lazy girls” , and step forward, that girl looking for “tumblr boys weed”; a life composed of stoned late night viewings of Malibu’s Most Wanted awaits.

You Got Here How?


This is honestly my favorite feature of our blog. I love seeing what brings people to our little corner of the internet. It is an often perverse exploration into the human psyche – when people enter these search terms, they don’t expect anyone to see them. This leads to often hilarious, dirty, and sometimes disturbing results. With this said, today’s “You Got Here How?” is different. It comes from the concerned mind of a prospective Buddhist, a mind plagued by one nagging question:


“does reaching nirvana feel like being engulfed by a fire”


This is not a religious blog. I know that our name may be misleading, but we know nothing about Buddhism. I’m sorry. What I do know about nirvana is that it is supposedly quite peaceful, so I would say that no, I don’t think reaching nirvana feels like being engulfed by a fire. But what do I know, I’m just a nineteen year old agnostic with a high school degree and a year of college education under my belt.

You Got Here How?


The latest edition of You Got Here How? features a BONAFIDE SEATTLE ICON and, you know, someone people all over the country and the world care about. I’m talking BONAFIDE WORLD ICON. Apparently not one but two people have come to our site to see these icons interact, and not in a peaceful manner. Yes, two of you want to see these heroes do battle. Intense battle. ASS KICKING BATTLE. In one corner, the man and the legend, Mr. “My City’s Filthy” #Sharkfacegang #I’veseenoxycodontake5lives himself – MACKLEMORE. In the other corner, Mr. “I win a lot of titles” #next Michael Jordan #possible rapist – KOBE BRYANT.

Two people reached this site by searching: “macklemore kick kobe bryant’s ass”

Not “kicks” mind you, but “kick”.

Macklemore – Seattle’s Prodigal Son and Slayer of Mufuckin’ Superstars


You Got Here How?



The past two “You Got Here How?”‘s have focused on bizarrely sexual search terms that brought you people to our site. Today, I offer something different. Something oddly educational. A question burning on the minds of not one, not two, but THREE Spanish students. Yes, this search term brought three people here…


“how to conjugate the spanish verb haberselas”


Last time I checked, we do not offer Spanish education on our site. Maybe these students had us confused for the Rosetta Stone? I find that explanation tenuous at best, considering “Life After Nirvana” does not even share many letters with “Rosetta Stone” let alone compact phrases. Whatever it was that persuaded you three eager minds to click on our link, I hope you enjoyed our take on popular culture. I’m sorry that we couldn’t help you with your grammar.

You Got Here How?



The latest in my series chronicling the messed up shit that brings you guys to our site. The latest search term?


“college baseball shirtless guys”


Frankly, I have no clue how that got you here. Has our blog ever mentioned baseball? How about shirtless guys? I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned either of those, especially together. But hey, our blog now has studly sex appeal AND a higher view count.

Anyway, I hope that the horny coed, creepy old baseball coach, or curious athlete enjoyed our take on music and film.

Stay classy, world.

You Got Here How?

Come here for the boobies. Stay for the writing?
The best part of contributing to this blog? Getting to keep tabs on what search terms bring people to our site. My favorite from this last week?

“scarlett johansson fucking”


Stay classy world.