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Carla Morrison – “Compartir”

Carla Patricia Morrison Flores was born in, Mexico and age 13, her father decided to seek a better living working in  California. American William Morrison adopted him, resulting in Carla’s father receiving the surname Morrison. Since childhood she related to the arts, such as drawing, poetry readings, writing stories and poems, crafts, dances, some styles such as African and jazz improvisation. But among all the arts, music symbolized her greatest passion. As a child she sang in secret, and was very shy and didn’t sing publicly until doing shows with friends in high school. She completed her studies and entered the Music College at the University of Arizona. After returning to Tecate, she played with local rock bands including Revolver and Zombras. Carla learned to play different rhythms, such as Batucada, which includes driving percussion instruments such as maracas, tambourines and drums.In 2007 she gave her first solo performance in her hometown. With musicians Nick Kizer and Nichole Petta she formed the alt-rock band Babaluca.In 2008 they recorded the self-titled debut EP and performed in Arizona and California, and received a great deal of local press, including being named “Best Indie Band of Arizona for 2008.”

Carla had the fortune to be known very well for internet and many pages have music much to say …… it was published as “The artist who comes to the 2010” and “The new artist who is giving to talk and northern Mexico” .. pages Cadiz Spain (Mister Madrid (Music Spinner Spain), Argentina (, Peru (Sad Bastard Music), Los Angeles California (, Mexico City I Phoenix Arizona (, Japan, among others was mentioned in the personal web page of a supportive Julieta Venegas, Ximena Sariñana Natalia Lafourcade songs and mentioning not being able to stop listening to her record also was added to a mix of music from a dj’s famous New York called “Nacotheque” and collaborate on remixes of music with the band The Amparito of Guadalajara, Mexico .. …. had the opportunity to play at several places here in Tecate and ran voice (which was headlined by Javier Batiz in Tijuana (Forum and Multicluti and Cecut and Daniel Gutierrez Mofo opening for a singer of the renowned Mexican banda The gusana blind) and CECUT being entitled “The most anticipated artist of Baja California, in San Luis Rio Colorado (House of Culture) in Guadalajara Mexico (Rusty Trombone, Candela Cafe, Cafe Andre Breton) and published by the Journal of the Week “LEISURE” an article entitled “Tecate with love …” and in Mexicali (Club Ultra) which fortunately was opening for Natalia Lafourcade and shared the stage with other talented artists such as Four for Tango (the rumors), Titan (in Tijuana) and Mexicali (Literary Cafe and Ultra Barabri Natalia Lafourcade’s show). Carla Morrison remains independent and has her own label with Cosmic Records from Los Angeles, California.

The ending oh oh ohs in the last minute of the song, man listening to that is a blast. Beautiful and only matched by the scenery of the video shoot. Walking along an empty train track in the hills with the sunset in the back, I don’t know if you could get a prettier location to shoot a video than that. This might be one of my favorite songs this year, though it is a real shame it was released in 2010. Better late than never.


Amaral: A Pop-Rock Band that Deserves to be Heard, Regardless of Language Barrier

In my desire to obtain a Spanish minor along with my double major of English and history, I am quite interested in seeing what I can do to further integrate myself in Spanish culture. After all, the trip to Spain during the summer was absolutely sick and I loved the culture of Spain while visiting. By learning more Spanish and eventually become fluent if I work hard enough, I can more than justify a return back to my favorite European country (France…y’all a bit too snobby for my tastes. Sick buildings though). Lucky for me, UW has an actual representative from Spain at the school, as since she works at the Spanish cultural exchange office, I thought I would try a few rounds of speaking Spanish. Even better for me (and for you), this office also lends media like DVDs and cds for students interested in learning more. This post reflects my first introduction to Spanish pop rock, and man is it a killer. Amaral is a pop rock music group from Zaragoza, Spain consisting of Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre . So far they have sold about 4 million copies of their discography from 1998 to present. Amaral’s musical style is often fused with Latin beats, folk rock, synthesizers, and in particular traditional Spanish folk music.

Their song Revolución, is from their third album Pájaros en la cabeza (English: Birds In The Head) released in 2005. Now when reflecting upon the subject matter, unfortunately many times (if not always) the revolutions that begin with good intentions end with bloodshed and becoming more repressive than the above, and is a real shame.

Here’s a youtube comment off the video.

me encanta esta canción, yo soy un fan e amral y so ke ya tengo unos 40, pero dice totalmente la verdad, expresa la libertad de un pueblo.

Esta canción tendría que habersela cantado a Franco en la cara, madre mia, lo que nos espera, estoy ansioso, a ver lo que ocurre con nuestro bonito planeta, y ver que nos va tocar una revolución bonita, somos la fuente más brillante, este es el momento, pero mañana aún mejor.

Viva la libertad.

Rough English translation:

I love this song, I’m a fan and so amral and I have already about 40, but says absolutely the truth, expresses the freedom of a people.

This song would have sung habersela Franco in the face, mother, what lies ahead, I am eager to see what happens to our beautiful planet, and see that a revolution is going to play nice, we’re the brightest source, This is the moment, but tomorrow even better.

Long live freedom.


Seriously this song is legit. Love.

Julieta Venegas: “Me Voy”

About a month ago I asked my good friend Alex H to recommend some of the specific songs and albums that helped him ease into the spanish language. Without hesitation he claimed that Julieta Venegas’ albums “Limón y Sal” and “Otra Cosa.” were absolute highlights. They are girly but incredibly good and really easy to understand.

Here’s my favorite from her so far:

It appears the anti-Justin Bieber isn’t exclusive to the US only. Check out this top comment on the youtube video “2.000,000 millones de visitas tiene este video y mierdas como Justin Bieber tienen 600,000,000?WTF?”

Translation: 2 million views that this video has, while Justin Bieber has 600,000,000? Bahaha I find great humor in that. When seeing how I want to cater to the Spanish language a bit, allow me to give a little lesson here. The words “tiene” and “tienen” are verb conjugations (in the present tense) of the word tener (which is the infinitive of to have). Since tener is one of those stem changing verbs, the e becomes “ie” in the conjugation.



Porque no supiste entender a mi corazón
lo que había en el,
porque no tuviste el valor
de ver quién soy.

Porque no escuchas lo que
está tan cerca de ti,
sólo el ruido de afuera
y yo, que estoy a un lado
desaparezco para ti

No voy a llorar y decir,
que no merezco esto porque,
es probable que lo merezco
pero no lo quiero, por eso…

Me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti y
me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti.

Porque sé, que me espera algo mejor
alguien que sepa darme amor,
de ese que endulza la sal
y hace que, salga el sol.

Yo que pensé, nunca me iría de ti,
que es amor del bueno, de toda la vida
pero hoy entendí, que no hay
suficiente para los dos.

No voy a llorar y decir,
que no merezco esto porque,
es probable que lo merezco
pero no lo quiero, por eso…

Me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti y
me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti.

Me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti y
me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti y me voy.

Me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti y
me voy, que lástima pero adiós
me despido de ti y me voy.

Beyonce Sings In Spanish! “Si Yo Fuera Un Chico”

Jesus it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Let’s catch y’all up to my life. I am currently taking Spanish 103 right now at UW. My class is learning a new Spanish verb tense known as the conditional, which is used to express hypothetical situations. In order to motivate the students, my instructor whipped out a wonderful surprise: Beyonce singing her hit “If I was a Boy” in Spanish! According to her bio, Beyonce grew up in Houston, and that place has a significant Latino community, but I was surprised she was able to annunciate so well. Guess that’s the magic of having a coach right? Or perhaps she CAN speak Spanish. Tripping me out mannn.

Lyrics (In Spanish of course)

Si yo fuera (This is an irregular conjugation of to be-description in the conditional tense)un chico,
sólo por una vez
yo me vestiría (Most of the time you just add ir to the end of the infinitive if you are in the yo or usted form) como quiero,
con lo que vea primero y me voy.
Saldría (Irregular version of to go out) a buscar
chicas por montón
mis amigos que son leales
siempre van a acompañarme hasta el fin
cada noche a mentir.

Si yo fuera un chico
sé que podría saber
comprender mucho mejor
lo que es amar a una mujer
sabría escuchar
pues conozco el dolor
de perder a quien se quiere
porque ignoras lo que tienes
y quedas sin saber que pasó

Si yo fuera un chico
pero ves no lo soy
los chicos son de un molde
y nosotras somos de corazón
se piensan que son
los del sexo superior
pero cuando lo queremos
nos vence nuestra seducción


Es muy tarde ya ves para regresar
perdonarte otra vez ya no lo vas a lograr
el lugar que ocupabas tú, ya no está más.

Pero eres un chico
que le vas a hacer
no puedes comprender
que se siente al comprender mejor
y amar en serio a una mujer
No sabes escuchar
no te importa el dolor
hasta que pierdes a quien quieres
porque ignoras lo que tienes
y quedas sin saber que pasó

Pero eres un chico.

Perhaps I’ll post more Spanish songs, to capture what I am learning, and to be on the lookout for new music I’ve never been exposed to due to the language barrier.