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New Music: Silverstein

Canadian post-hardcore veterans Silverstein unveiled a whole lot of news today, including North American and European tour dates, album info, and a brand new song. The band’s sixth full length, a concept album titled “This Is How The Wind Shifts,” will be available February 5th, 2013. You can stream a song from it, “Stand Amid The Roar,” at

Abadabad- “All The Bros Say”


“ABADABAD is dangerous, tape relic’d, guitar rock from a land of perpetual summers of dreamy ladies. These moments and dreams happen somewhere in Allston, MA.”

That’s the opening band line if you read up the about section of Abadabad, one of NME’s Top 100 New Bands for 2012. Armed with vintage melodies and sun-kissed guitar strums, these boys aim to produce just enough of beach pop sound to get you swaying along to nostalgia and yes clap your hands with the beat.

“All The Bros Say” is infectious because lives very much in the present, but also emotionally measured. What’s the meaning of all this? In the year of the YOLO, don’t those two characteristics contradict each other? Well, I think the expression of youth can be defined in many forms. For me, tt’s about savoring the delightful feeling of just plopping your feet on the desk as you watch the sun begin its last descent during the summer season. Instead of opening the package that contains your textbooks for school, you reach over to the mouse and click on the replay button to listen to the song one more time as you seek to preserve this summer bliss for just a bit longer. After an hour of “just one more replay”, it’s dark and whatever ambitions you had for the night goes to waste, but it’s all worth it just to take advantage of a rare moment of  taking in the sights and sounds. Listening to the lyrics “All The Bros Say” reminds me of the fact that the pleasures of youth are not forever, and this reality would typically dampen a few spirits I reckon. However, there isn’t any apprehension whatsoever, instead the music advocates us to cherish this fleeting moment of being young and able to just sit down and watch everything else go in motion for once.


Stream Abadabad’s The Wild EP below

Check out their other songs off their bandcamp. I suggest you check out Park Slope (I’m Sorry) and download the title track if you can’t get enough of ABADABAD

Give them some love on their Facebook and Twitter.


Food+Mechanical Bull=Win! Showcasing Achille Lauro’s “Lighting” Music Video

Alright. I’m not going to lie. Watching people eat shit is fucking hilarious. It sucks when it happens to you, but when it happens to others? Their pain is your gain.

Sure, it might be immature, but c’mon, who can blame me? It’s just flat out funny!

So we received an email from Achille Lauro, a 4 man Atmospheric-Rock band from Denver, consisting of Matt Close, Jonathan Evans, Ben and Luke Mossman. They sent us a music video of their song “Lighting” off of their new LP “Flight or Flight”. Here is what they said: “We love hot dogs and mechanical bulls”. Intrigued, I clicked on the video and damn. That shit is hilarious. You see people holding and eating some food. Well trying actually because they’re riding a mechanical bull at the same time. What ensues is a whole bunch of hilarity, watching people eat…well I can’t say shit because they’re actually eating food but they’re falling down at the same time. So they’re biting it hardcore. And god damn, did I laugh my ass off the entire time. I enjoyed the camera attached to the helmet parts, because you can actually see them making a serious effort to eat, but just fail.  I especially want to throw a shout out to the balding dude in the flannel, eating a taco (Ben?). I rewinded to watch him fly off a whole bunch of times haha. Normally, whenever I come across a fail video, I mute the crap music behind it. Not this time. I was pleasantly surprised by the solid effort. Props to Achille Lauro for making a very entertaining video to a nice song. Wait scratch that. Props for making a nice song followed up with an entertaining video. I was drawn in by the nifty little synths followed by those drums. It was a good intro into a nice catchy song. I was thrown off by the change in pacing of the song at some points, but that was cool, I appreciated them breaking the monotony of the same-sounding track throughout that you hear all the time. This is really my first taste of the ‘atmosphere-rock’ that they call themselves, but it’s pretty cool actually. Different, but hey, nothing wrong with a little uniqueness. The weird thing is that even though it is not a traditional dance track, I get kind of this like whole-body-bobbing feel to it.

Achillie Lauro was brilliant in the way they thought up of this awesome video to accompany the song. Makes it all more enjoyable to listen to. So watch it and enjoy the people eat…food and fly off!

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The Record Company NEW Music! Superdead EP

Superdead cover art

A few days ago I got an email from The Record Company (whose fantastic debut I covered a while back) that stated the following:”….just wanted to let you know we have a  new FREE EP called “Superdead” up on Bandcamp as well as a new video for our song “On The Move”. It has a giant pterodactyl in it!”

Needless to say, I was very excited by this information. I’ll give you guys a chance to guess why I was so pumped up…yup the pterodactyl, the guys simply know how to grab attention. Before I carry on, watch this utterly entertaining mashup between the video containing clips from Columbia Pictures 1957 movie “The Giant Claw” and of course the very 1950s hard blues rock of The Record Company.

Are you not entertained? Alright let’s move on the real reason why I am eager to share this post: the first of hopefully many to come EPs from the California band.

In my interview with them I asked them the following:

4. Based on what you guys have released so far, “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely” and the cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, what kind of musical direction can your fans expect from an eventual release of an EP? 

It will definitley continue to be a raw sound, something that reflects who we are as people I think.  We can’t help but have a blues sound, and as far as that sound goes we tend to lean on the early electric stuff.  It will hopefully just be a good record to put on at a party and drink some beers too..

Listening to the EP, I see they have accomplished this goal and then some. Let’s examine “On The Move” for instance. The inclusion of the harmonica adds that soulful spin to the already raw track supported by that bumping bass. At this point and time, I don’t know what else I can articulate about this band that I haven’t had already. The notion of a rock blues band in LA is a very anachronistic concept, but what’s that saying about rock music like this? Classy and timeless, so that blows the previous statement about of the water.

I’ve covered this band a few times now, and each time I can’t help but feel a bit guilty afterwards because I end up copping the track from them for free.  However, I always comfort myself by saying that next time, next time I’ll throw in financial support. To be honest, after a EP like this this reality is coming closer then I think. Get while it’s hot folks.

Check out their bandcamp to hear and download Superdead

The Record Company Facebook

Test Case of Music Exposure: Kari Kimmel – “Black”

Black cover art

I admit that I am a “Walking Dead” fan. Despite all of the frustrations associated with watching this show (Carl…Lori….so useless) I cannot help but continue to stick around to see if the program can live up to its full potential based off of its neat premise. Here is The Walking Dead Season 3 trailer from Comic-Con. Premieres October 14th on AMC.

Not going to lie here, the music  that starts at the 2:43 mark is pretty badass. It’s got me giddy for the Walking Dead again, even though I was exhausted from the atrocious pacing from Season 2. Oh well, it’s time to strap up and jump back into it again. However, since the tv discussion is best left to Dylan and his expertise (Although I like how he’s the lone supporter of the Newsroom haha), I must redirect the focus back to the music.

Although the comments on the youtube video of the music I will link below is dominated by nothing but Walking Dead discussion, I must admit that the track is pretty good as a stand-alone. It’s definitely a Wild Wild West kind of track with those twangs and devil may care attitude that is evoked.

According to her bio, she has done everything from writing, recording and co-producing her own music to placing her songs in over 250 film and tv shows from House and Being Human, it’s safe to say that Miss Kimmel is a well known artist among the sound people in Hollywood.  To provide context in how music and television are linked together, I pulled this Youtube comment out: “The day The Walking Dead trailer came out I found this song. It had 16k Views. Now it has close to 107k.” That was only a week ago. So here’s my question: How much of Kari Kimmel’s popularity is attributed to her talent, which attracted attention from producers and featured her work? To what degree is it the other way around? Finally, the question that remains is this: Does it matter anyway?

Quick thoughts to muse about, but in the meantime enjoy that track.

Two Door Cinema Club’s New “Sleep Alone”

Two Door Cinema Club, the Irish, Indie Rock band is out fresh a couple days ago with “Sleep Alone”. They’ve actually have had this song for about a year now, but it is the first single from their upcoming album “Beacon” comes this fantastic effort following their insane premiere with their first album “Tourist History”. They’ve already set the bar pretty damn high with infectious hits such as “Something Good Can Work” or “What You Know” and coming off of great works like that, it’d be pretty hard to live up to. But the trio has definitely not lost their energetic, upbeat sound with this fresh track. 

From the start of the drums and the song, it definitely pulls the listener in. The hook of the song is very enticing and then sets the stage for the listener to listen and enjoy the rest of the song. While not as dance-y as “Something Good Can Work”, there is something just as contagious about the song. I personally like the parts where he says ‘Hold, hold , hold’ or where he stretches out ‘mind’ later in the song. The whole song just fits together, and is so damn appealing whether it be from the tinkling guitars, catchy vocals  or just that damn beat that keeps your head bobbing from its energy. Two Door Cinema Club still has it going on, especially with “Sleep Alone” and is for sure a great listen.

Now regarding the lyrics, reading them, you can get a bit of an insight about where the band comes from. Coming out of Northern Ireland, they actually left the Bangor Grammar school to pursue their musical interests. So taking a look at the lyrics, one can see that their musical pursuit comes from their confidence and passion to go and grab their dream of making music. That comes true in the chorus when it’s said that “He sleeps alone….And they can’t hurt him if he can’t see them, oh…The deepest desires in my mind”. Essentially the song’s meaning acts as a basic round-up of TDCC’s own confidence and courage to go out and grab what they desire most. Nice stuff:


Now, my only goal is to see
And I’m always fast asleep
It takes more than strength to find
This peace of mind

So I’ll hold, hold, hold
Hold it close to my heart
Beating with every step
Hold, hold, hold it close

He sleeps alone
He needs no army where he’s headed
‘Cause he knows
That they’re just ghosts
And they can’t hurt him if he can’t see them, oh
And I may go 
To places I have never been to 
Just to find
The deepest desires in my mind

We, we only know what we see
‘Cause we’re always fast asleep
Is it so hard not to believe
That we’ll never know

Oh, hold, hold, hold
Hold me close
I’ve never been this far from home
Hold, hold, hold me close
He sleeps alone
He needs no army where he’s headed
‘Cause he knows
That they’re just ghosts
And they can’t hurt him if he can’t see them, oh
And I may go 
To places I have never been to 
Just to find
The deepest desires in my mind

They’re in my head
And I have said
That I must be like you now
Who sleeps alone (x2)
And one last chance
To make sense
Of what has long escaped us
He sleeps alone
I sleep alone

He sleeps alone
He needs no army where he’s headed
‘Cause he knows
That they’re just ghosts
And they can’t hurt him if he can’t see them, oh
And I don’t know if in the morning I will be here
And if so
Let it be known
That I was worthy, I was worthy, I was worthy, I was


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Where Japandroids Are Placed in the Company of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Al Green, and Public Enemy

Clocking in at number 10 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “10 Coolest Summer Albums of All Time”, a list that includes the Beatles, Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, and others, is a little record called Celebration Rock from a couple of Vancouver boys done good. Yes, the world’s best known music magazine has recognized Japandroids and placed them in hyper-elite company. Legendary company. Timeless, classic company. From the Stone:

Loud guitar, demented drums, urgent brain-smash riffs, dumb funny slogans about girls and youth chanted over and over again – rock & roll, what a concept. These two Vancouver punk dudes play hooks you might have already heard a million times, except they make them weep and moan and burn like never before. The moral of the story: “Don’t we have anything to live for? Of course we do!” And whenever this album comes on, it’s a reminder that it’s never too late to play air guitar like your summer has just begun.

How pumped am I to see my favorite band get this sort of acclaim? Ridiculously pumped. In a year that has seen some great releases and has more scheduled to come, Celebration Rock is the year’s best. This is not just coming from a JPNDRD’s fanboy, but from publications and critics around the music world. Good on ya, gentlemen. Congratulations.