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New Release: Motion City Soundtrack – Go

In the mood for some up-beat, punk-y pop rock? Then hit up Motion City Soundtrack’s new record Go, released today on Epitaph Records. Expect plenty of ridiculously catchy vocal melodies and some floor stomping instrumentals.


The Story So Far

Guitars shreak, drums pound away and vocalist Parker Cannon wails out the desperately passionate lamentations that characterize the sound of The Story So Far, an up-and-coming poppunk fivesome hailing from Walnut Creek, California. I first heard their LP “Under Soil and Dirt” last week and have listened to it more than 15 times through since then. The refreshingly honest lyricism is what first drew me in. Their sound isn’t particularly unique but they pull it off well, and its rare to find such an all-around good band with such an all-around good album. It deserves a listen. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have.

The Menzingers


I’m going to be quick, seeing as my next class starts in 9 minutes and counting. Just had to pass along this band. The Menzingers, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, are a four piece punk band who signed to Epitaph Records a while back. They released their third full length and Epitaph debut in February. I totally missed it, but it’s awesome. Honest and raw songwriting, these guys are a real rock band. Give em a listen, I’ll probably post more on them later after I’ve listened to the album a few times.