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Damn Seattle, You Filthy

It’s OFFICIAL….. I’m running for Mayor of Seattle in 2025. Spread the word. We got a campaign to win.


Oh man, This should be good. The current king of the Seattle music scene right now dropping this little gift for us on the first day of 2013? This is flipping awesome. Yeah it’s in 12 years, but  that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited now! Whatever you make of his music, that’s fine, but I’m not really sure there’s anyone out there that can call him a bad guy. Yeah he’s been through some rough times, but to potentially have a mayor where you already know his shady past and that he has overcome it? Don’t see how anyone can be more connected to the public than that. Also with a history of cultural aware songs like “Same Love” or “A Wake”, I’m sure that he’d make a great mayor. Obviously there will be some backlash to this because he’s a liberal guy, but hey, who knows? No you can’t have him; He’s ours to keep.

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New Music: Silverstein

Canadian post-hardcore veterans Silverstein unveiled a whole lot of news today, including North American and European tour dates, album info, and a brand new song. The band’s sixth full length, a concept album titled “This Is How The Wind Shifts,” will be available February 5th, 2013. You can stream a song from it, “Stand Amid The Roar,” at



The second track from their upcoming record, Shields, to drop on Warp Records on September 18th, was released today via BBC Radio 1. The masters of texture are at it again, confirming my belief that this will be one of the best releases of the year. Screw that, of course it will be. It’s Grizzly Bear. They’re coming into their own. They bring something to indie that few others are able to – the sensibilities of touch, color, and restraint. They consistently explore new territory while not ignoring melody. Thank god for Grizzly Bear.

“Ichiro’s Theme”

Here’s “Ichiro’s Theme” by Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie). Here is what he said about it: “I wrote this a few years ago. Today seems like the best day to let you all hear it. Thank you, Ichiro.” God it’s so weird being a sports fan right now.

Iska Daaf Rescinds Demos

A couple of days ago I published an article ( about Iska Daaf, a new Seattle group composed of Mad Rad’s Buffalo Madonna and Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band’s Benjamin Verdoes. I passed along a link to the duo’s SoundCloud, a page that featured demos for two songs, “Happiness” and “Rumi”. Apparently, so did The Stranger ( Two days later, and the demos have been removed. Are us bloggers to be blamed? Most definitely. Did I scoop these guys before The Stranger? I believe I did. Hire me.

Where Japandroids Are Placed in the Company of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Al Green, and Public Enemy

Clocking in at number 10 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “10 Coolest Summer Albums of All Time”, a list that includes the Beatles, Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, and others, is a little record called Celebration Rock from a couple of Vancouver boys done good. Yes, the world’s best known music magazine has recognized Japandroids and placed them in hyper-elite company. Legendary company. Timeless, classic company. From the Stone:

Loud guitar, demented drums, urgent brain-smash riffs, dumb funny slogans about girls and youth chanted over and over again – rock & roll, what a concept. These two Vancouver punk dudes play hooks you might have already heard a million times, except they make them weep and moan and burn like never before. The moral of the story: “Don’t we have anything to live for? Of course we do!” And whenever this album comes on, it’s a reminder that it’s never too late to play air guitar like your summer has just begun.

How pumped am I to see my favorite band get this sort of acclaim? Ridiculously pumped. In a year that has seen some great releases and has more scheduled to come, Celebration Rock is the year’s best. This is not just coming from a JPNDRD’s fanboy, but from publications and critics around the music world. Good on ya, gentlemen. Congratulations.

Introducing: Iska Daaf

Photo Credit – The Stranger


Hey guys, long time no see. I haven’t posted in ages due to end of the school year craziness, a trip to Spain, and ultimately summer laziness. With that said, I’m back. To make up for my disappearance, I bring you a new band composed of two Seattle scene favorites. The band is Iska Daaf and the members are Buffalo Madonna (of Mad Rad fame) and Benjamin Verdoes (of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band fame). Verdoes and Madonna have spent the last couple of years playing together as Mad Rad collaborators; Verdoes has contributed guitar to Mad Rad live performances and to their excellent 2010 record The Youth Die Young. This project sees them taking their musical prowess to new and interesting places. Madonna, known for his skill behind the microphone and a chaotic stage presence, is playing guitar while Verdoes moves behind the drum kit. The duo shares vocal duties. The combination is not what you would expect –  swelling guitar, pounding climaxes, and pastoral harmonies replace the electro beats and linguistic ballet of Mad Rad. The project veers closer to Verdoes’ work in Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. Madonna’s guitar work impresses as does the duo’s harmony and vocal interplay. The group is brand new as their soundcloud features two songs posted two weeks ago, both having only been listened to 10 times. Expect to hear more about Iska Daaf as more music is released, these demos are a promising foray into new territory for each musician.