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Passion Pit “Constant Conversations” [St. Lucia Remix]

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted on the blog. No worries though, I think this starry late night remix of Passion Pit should do the trick. Given that two of my fellow bloggers gushed over their Bumbershoot experience, particularly regarding Passion Pit, I checked out a few of the latest tracks off of Gossamer. Although I was surprised by how much I enjoyed their work, I think that the reinterpretation of “Constant Conversations” by St. Lucia is delightful. If you thought the original song’s chorus was good, you’ll adore the extra synthy sound during those “oh-oh-oh-oh’s”. Check it out, stick around, I’ll be back again soon enough.

Download song for free

Read a review of the original track here

St. Lucia soundcloud:
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Beat Kills Straight Outta Washington: Odesza’s “How Did I Get Here”

I feel so proud seeing a track from a Washington-based group explode across the scene and have people love it. I am a bit late in getting a hold of this track, but “How Did I Get Here” is really damn good. Odesza is a two-man squad that has producers BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid joining forces, coming from Washington (Hell-yeah Northwest baby!). I was scrolling through some music blogs and then I clicked play on this one track and damnnnnn. I was blown away. Two minutes of pure bliss. Odesza has their new album, “Summer’s Gone”, coming soon and holy hell am I excited to see what they have to offer. I just found this group a few minutes ago and I already have nothing but praise for this great track. Using vocal samples from Lily Allen’s track “22”, the track was chopped and mixed in with these absolutely magical beats. Allen’s amazing voice with these abstract and smooth beats will leave you just inebriated. The real cool thing about this track is that “22” lyrics seems a lot different when chopped by Odesza. “How Did I Get Here” only uses these lyrics:

How did I get here/

It’s sad but it’s true how society says her life is already over/

There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say

Lily Allen’s track (right here) portrays the idea of ” girls that haven’t figured out what they want to do with themselves. Especially really pretty girls. They can rely on their looks to an extent” (source). The vibe of that specific song doesn’t really give off the hard reality that is true for many girls, but those specific lyrics just in “How Did I Get Here” makes it so much more significant. So in a way, Odesza makes Allen’s song even better. Listen to “22” and then to “How Did I Get Here” and it seems like the latter makes more of an impact on the matter.

I get this kind of late night-ish/early morning feel that just makes me want to do some damn exploring in some dark places. Well I could do that, but it’s just as nice sitting and letting myself fade away and relax to this song. “How Did I Get Here” just has that Washington feel to it. I don’t even know what that means, but with our weather and landscape, it just feels right. The album’s title is just perfect too. It does feel like summer is winding down and this song is just perfect set-up and transition into the fall, rainy months. This is definitely a track I’ll turn to for some thinking time.

These Washington artists came together just a couple months ago, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they got. Head over to their respective pages and check them out! It’s awesome supporting the local scene and this is some awesome stuff that is worth your time. (Also by the time I finished this post, I already listened to the song 15 times, it’s just that good)

Hey we also got an interview with them!

Check out BeachesBeaches:
 Soundcloud Profile





AND their joint group ‘Odesza’:

Soundcloud Profile


Gotye – Somebodies

Just when you thought the sensation was over (finally)…

Gotye does this with all the amazing covers on the internet and creates a new level of excellent. This gives me hope.

PS: Sorry for the posting hiatus. I’ll be back with a few huge essays on film, music and TV soon.

My Top 5 Most Played Songs and iTunes (And what I have to say about them)

So here I am, sitting on my computer with a desire to write about music and myself. And there you are, with a desire to read about music… and me! Don’t be shy, I see your daydreams. Serious business ahead though, here are my top 5 most played songs on iTunes and what I have to say about them.

1. On Melancholy Hill, Gorillaz
I’ve been saying for years now that the best song of all “modern” music is Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz. I have yet to find a soul that doesn’t love it. Regardless On Melancholy Hill is easily my favorite Gorillaz song. It’s relaxing, sentimental, somber, hopeful, and uplifting all in one. I’ve listened to this song in a vast variety of moods and each time it pleases in a different way.

2. So Damn High, Sol
Okay, so this one doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. Suffice it to say that this song was played many-a-time after returning home from a night of debauchery. Sober or not though, this song will always remind me of high school and many nights spent just thinking… and thinking.

3. Party and Bullshit in the USA Hathbanger
Similarly, this song screams freshman year shenanigans to me. Why? Because Miley Cyrus, that’s why. This was probably one of the first really good mashups I ever listened to, so cheers to Hathbanger, here’s to taking apples and oranges and making oranpples.

4. Veridis Quo Daft Punk
On a similar level to #1, Veridis Quo is able to pack a whole lot of feelings into just a single song. It gives off a vibe of exploring and discovering something new (Hint: watch Interstella 5555). It also brings back the memory of figuring out for the very first time that “Veridis Quo” is a homophone of “Very Disco” which when switched becomes “Discovery” (The album name). Minds were bottled that day.

5. Livin’ The Dream (I’m on a Float) Super Mash Bros
Again, mashups. To this day I still can’t hear Viva La Vida without trying to break out into Twista rap. Chris can have his opinions on mashups, I’ll have mine, which are right. Regardless, this song is crazy and actually a blast to listen to.

❤ Cheers

Presenting a Humble Musical Genius: Fagottron (aka Pogo)

First off, let’s get something out onto the table, I suck. My embarrassing lack of posts has been due to a serious illness known as laziness. You may be familiar with it. If not, congratulations; you are one in one-hundred Americans born with an extra motivation chromosome. I’m a doctor, trust me.

Moving on to why I actually brought you here Mr. Wayne. Riddle me this, is music a vital part of a movie? (It is.) So then we can assert that music is one of the many ingredients that go into a movie. Why then, I ask you Dear Internetz, can’t movies be an ingredient in music. Holy contributing-to-the-delinquency-of-minors Batman! Spoiler Alert: TDKR is Inception 2 They can.

What we have here is Pogo (or as his youtube name indicates: Fagottron). A 23-year-old Australian electronic trip-hop musician that specializes in weaving together samples from popular movies. I stumbled upon this guy a couple months ago and upon watching his video “Alice” promptly re-watched it like 6 times before finally going to bed that night. As you can hear in the above song, his mixes have a very ethereal sound, taking light sounds like strings and singing from the movie’s music and joining it with dialogue and various sounds from the movie that are cut up to remind one of classic DJ vinyl scratching. What you get in the end is a peaceful and in many cases, nostalgic piece of music that is both comforting and stimulating in the same way that sitting and listening to a waterfall is.

As you have gathered at this point Pogo is big on Disney movies. With those two songs being arguably his most popular its hard to avoid this truth. But, his collection extends to tons of other classics such as: Pulp Fiction, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Lord of the Rings (Along with many others). All of these songs work together the dialogue in a way that blends the ideas of lyrics and instrumental music/sounds. You’re never really sure if you’re hearing structured sentences or just a really awesome fusion of voices, music, and sounds.

Check Pogo out at his youtube channel here
Follow him on twitter allllllll the way overrrrrrrr……….  ———> here
Potentially download all his past stuff down there ↓ (Once his site is back up…)

Yes, here

PillowTalk- Sunny

The San Francisco-based trio Pillow Talk, have just delivered a sweet edit of Marvin Gaye’s 1966′classic “Sunny.” off of their Soul Edits EP. To sum it up concisely: blissed-out soul reworks with their smooth signature sound

Compare to the original

New Bloc Party! “Octopus” + RAC Spin

So Bloc Party is out with the first single from their upcoming album: “Four”. Here they have produced a very quality track in “Octopus”. Haven’t really listened to them before, but this track definitely does give incentive to check them out some more. While it sounds kind of abstract and frankly, just kind of odd, the song is kind of fun to listen to. Maybe it’s because of those weird guitar rifts that makes it sound like a messed up CD playing the same thing again. Not really sure what it is, but it is fun to listen to. Perhaps it because of the oddness of song that I just kind of like it.

Now. The RAC remix. This might be a bit biased because I frigging love RAC, but these guys are the best. Seriously. Pretty much anything they touch, they turn to gold. I don’t know how they do it, but they make their remixes just so damn awesome. They have managed with this track, to turn it from an good, dancable song to a super fresh, even more danceable track. Not sure what they do to make this kind of stuff, but it is so impressive. RAC is a big reason that I am so into remixes haha. The cool part about this specific remix is that RAC keeps pretty much the same song structure and just builds up the disco synths and gasping-for-air-basslines to make it into a really catchy and nice beat to groove to. Also props to them for keeping the guitar solo untouched. Shows their skill. Give it a go and see which version you like better!


It hid and it hid in his bedroom
Psycho killer teen dream action film
Gonna show you how we get down
in my hood

Bubbling bubbling cheap champagne
Leyendecker hole wrecker feel no pain
Lying face down when I swing your way
And what?
What’s my name what’s my name?

Mary Anna said it’s a no-go
She don’t feel like, she don’t think so
I don’t know why I feel like crying
Well come on, come on
Say come on, come on

They ran and they ran from his classroom
Roll another 40, make them scream
Gonna show you how we do things 
in my hood

Tripping and a-tripping, erase all tapes
John Wayne, Rob Roy feel no pain
This is the point where you look the other way

You done
Lost your mind

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