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Food+Mechanical Bull=Win! Showcasing Achille Lauro’s “Lighting” Music Video

Alright. I’m not going to lie. Watching people eat shit is fucking hilarious. It sucks when it happens to you, but when it happens to others? Their pain is your gain.

Sure, it might be immature, but c’mon, who can blame me? It’s just flat out funny!

So we received an email from Achille Lauro, a 4 man Atmospheric-Rock band from Denver, consisting of Matt Close, Jonathan Evans, Ben and Luke Mossman. They sent us a music video of their song “Lighting” off of their new LP “Flight or Flight”. Here is what they said: “We love hot dogs and mechanical bulls”. Intrigued, I clicked on the video and damn. That shit is hilarious. You see people holding and eating some food. Well trying actually because they’re riding a mechanical bull at the same time. What ensues is a whole bunch of hilarity, watching people eat…well I can’t say shit because they’re actually eating food but they’re falling down at the same time. So they’re biting it hardcore. And god damn, did I laugh my ass off the entire time. I enjoyed the camera attached to the helmet parts, because you can actually see them making a serious effort to eat, but just fail.  I especially want to throw a shout out to the balding dude in the flannel, eating a taco (Ben?). I rewinded to watch him fly off a whole bunch of times haha. Normally, whenever I come across a fail video, I mute the crap music behind it. Not this time. I was pleasantly surprised by the solid effort. Props to Achille Lauro for making a very entertaining video to a nice song. Wait scratch that. Props for making a nice song followed up with an entertaining video. I was drawn in by the nifty little synths followed by those drums. It was a good intro into a nice catchy song. I was thrown off by the change in pacing of the song at some points, but that was cool, I appreciated them breaking the monotony of the same-sounding track throughout that you hear all the time. This is really my first taste of the ‘atmosphere-rock’ that they call themselves, but it’s pretty cool actually. Different, but hey, nothing wrong with a little uniqueness. The weird thing is that even though it is not a traditional dance track, I get kind of this like whole-body-bobbing feel to it.

Achillie Lauro was brilliant in the way they thought up of this awesome video to accompany the song. Makes it all more enjoyable to listen to. So watch it and enjoy the people eat…food and fly off!

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The 10 Best NEW Shows of the 2011-12 Season

After a full season of TV, it’s that time of year when I judge, harshly, all that I have seen in the past year.

So here’s some new stuff I liked (bolded are must-watchers):

The Rules: Has to have premiered in the 2011-2012 season to be eligible (McDuh). Though I loved Breaking Bad‘s fourth season likely more than the first seasons of all the shows on this list, it can’t be on this list.

Notable New Shows I’ve Wanted To See But Remain Unseen: Veep (HBO), Life’s Too Short (HBO), Luck (HBO), Boss (Starz), Loiter Squad (Adult Swim), Bent (NBC), Up All Night (NBC), Person of Interest (CBS), Hell on Wheels (AMC), Wilfred (FX)

Honorable Mention: The show-within-a-show Bombshell from Smash (NBC). After an incredibly intriguing pilot, the actual show dropped off in quality severely. However, the songs developed for Bombshell, and the performances of those songs by the obviously-better-than-everyone-else Megan Hilty in particular, provide hope for a show that underwent a total turnover this offseason in preparation for a Season 2 that could raise the show to the expectations set by its solid pilot.

10. Revenge (ABC) – Though most of its Desperate Housewives-fangirl viewership doesn’t quite get the literary overtones that make the show a lot smarter than it should be (Count of Monte Cristo, anyone?), it serves as a good guilty pleasure. Plus, full disclosure, a friend of mine cameo-ed in the Season Finale.

9. New Girl (Fox) – I will admit that I don’t totally like this show… yet. But Liz Meriweather is a very funny person and many of my friends say it does get better (I’ve only seen the episodes that aired through December). Plus, the scene in which Zooey Deschanel tries to seduce Justin Long with a Jimmy Stewart impression is absolutely hilarious.

8. Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 (ABC) – A solid, if not spectacular conglomeration of absurd, lewd humor carried by the winning performances of its leads (Krysten Ritter especially), edgy writing from Nahnatchka Khan and of course, James f***ing Van Der Beek (aka Dawson). I’ll be watching to see if it can keep up.

7. Enlightened (HBO) – While I hated to see Bored to Death go, if there were any show to replace it, it’d be this one. Laura Dern is brilliant, as usual, and Mike White‘s writing gives the show a really cool, unique tone.

6. Suburgatory (ABC) – Though my initial praise for it was a bit too high (Freaks and Geeks, it most certainly is not), I can safely say that it’s a fun show that occasionally broaches dramatic subjects with a fair sense of heightened realism through its style of unconventional humor.

5. Awake (NBC) – Cancelled (again, duh), but a fun ride while it lasted. The second episode added an element I really didn’t like, but it still managed to be smart, visually interesting and engrossing network TV, a rarity for any network, especially NBC. Kyle Killen is a champ.

4. Girls (HBO) – Lena Dunham is a polarizing figure. Half hate her and the show, half love them. Right now, I’m in the like-a-lot category with the show, but I think she’s just great. Met her once. Had a nice conversation about the merits of cult classic Felicity. Go watch her film Tiny Furniture. It’s quite funny.

3. Homeland (Showtime) – DAMN this show had a fantastic first season. Everything about it–the writing, which managed to stay fairly non-partisan despite the political nature of the show, the acting, from Damian Lewis and Clare Danes especially, and the interwoven plot structure–intersects perfectly to create a high-wire political thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Though I worry that the writers may have burned through too much story too soon, the finale set up an incredibly intriguing second season, if they handle the twist well enough. If not, I suppose the first season will always be magic. If that’s not enough, President Obama has admitted his fandom for the show.

2. Scandal (ABC) – Shonda Rhimes, normally of light dramedy fare (see Grey’s Anatomy), delves into darker territory here with the lightning-paced political/romance drama that deserves some serious Emmy consideration. It should also be noted that the show is the only one currently on network TV with a black female lead. Everyone brings their A game in a show that can only be described as the sex, gorgeous characterization and stakes of Game of Thrones meeting the speed and wit of an Aaron Sorkin production. It even finds a way to make Republicans interesting! Full disclosure: A show like this is built for me. This would be my favorite new show if it weren’t for

1. The Newsroom (HBO) – I know it hasn’t premiered yet, but it’s already my favorite of the season. Why, you ask? The God of Dialogue Aaron Sorkin of course. Cast is stellar, crew is stellar, show is stellar. Check the trailer here:

All the Best Sixties Bands Were “The Somethings”

A couple of years back on St. Patrick’s Day I was hanging out at home with my family. Naturally, at the ripe young age of 14 I was drinking myself into a stupor with cans of 7-up and Sprite (the cans are green, and that’s really what counts right?). So as my caffeinated self began to trudge up the stairs back to the solace of my room, my mother informed me that we would be watching a family movie tonight. Ugh mom, anything, ANYTHING, but a family movie.

Spoiler alert, the movie was awesome. In lieu of Kevin’s post on my friend Mr. Wolfy Bauer, I present to you, the creators of Dublin Soul, The Commitments. Both a movie and a band, The Commitments is/are amazing. To keep the summary short, Jimmy Rabbitte sets himself on a quest to bring soul to Dublin and to create the “World’s Hardest Working Band”. You might be a bit hard-pressed to find a whole lot of symbolism or deep meaning in the plot, but I have yet to see a more honest movie. You get this awesome mixture of the whole Irish lifestyle, with the passion and energy behind the soul music scene. Mr. Rabbitte describes it perfectly in this quote: “The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud.”

The film itself is riddled with great music redone by the Commitments such as Take Me to the River and Destination Anywhere. The great music working with the constant humor ranging from subtle satire to the quick-witted jibes the band members fling at each other at all times of the movie (I believe its customary for every Irish conversation to include one “Piss off”).

What really makes the movie is the amazing music. It’s amazing how well the transition of Black American soul to Dublin soul goes. The Irish spin adds this raw and rowdy feel to the music that’s already a direct result of binge drinking. The movie’s a bit long but feels great in the end. If you’re looking for a feel-good with tons of great music definitely check this movie out.

Shia LaBeouf, Mass murdering Superstar? Inside the outrageous mind of Rob Cantor

The internet brings about some of the most fantastic things. This cautionary tale about the dangers of being near Shia LaBeouf in the middle of the night. One part comedy, two parts spooky, and everything violent, this ain’t about Shia LaBeouf from the Even Stevens Disney era. Turns out he took his murdering status from movies to real life. This song is glorious in how absurd it is. Repeat status.

American Reunion – Film Review

The American Pie franchise returns to respectability with this solid fourquel.

Though writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are better known for their work with another storied franchise, the Harold and Kumar series, the duo manages to breathe new life into a franchise once determined dead-on-direct-to-DVD-arrival.

Everyone (and I do mean everyone) is back for this fourquel, which plays as both a brilliant inside joke and a fun standalone comedy. While I won’t give away too much of the plot, the story obviously revolves around the gang getting back together for the awkwardly-timed 12-year reunion (planned by one-half of the returning MILF duo, John Cho).

The film’s best comedy generally revolves around perennial douchebag Stifler (Seann William Scott), an annoying character in the original who here has been developed and made a much more interesting character, but the film’s heart lies with Jim (Jason Biggs), his former band geek wife Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) and, of course, Jim’s Dad (Eugene Levy, still one of the funniest character actors in the business). It is from these two main plotlines that Hurwitz & Schlossberg milk the film’s best moments.

Don’t get me wrong, the other main characters have solid arcs, too. Finch (the underrated Eddie Kaye Thomas), Oz (Chris Klein) and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) each have their moments, and there are some cool returning characters, plotlines and cameos. However, Hurwitz and Schlossberg smartly streamlined the arcs to make a compact, fun comedy that delicately balances humor and heart.

This balance is easily the film’s big success. I can only hope that it carries over to the inevitable fifth sequel. Until then, however, this is a worthwhile trip to a theater. You won’t be disappointed.

Casa De Mi Padre – Film Review

Satisfying, Spanish and nothing more.

The genesis of the idea for this film was basically Will Ferrell saying: “We should do a film entirely in Spanish. That would be hilarious.” And then they made Casa de Mi Padre, which isn’t laugh-out-loud funny the whole way, but does provide a consistent LQTM (laugh quietly to myself) quotient.

Will Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez, a dumb ranchero who just hasn’t found the right woman yet. His brother, Raul (Diego Luna), is engaged both in sketchy activities and to a beautiful woman, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). Gael Garcia Bernal shows up as Sonia’s uncle Onza and Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec) turns in a hilarious almost-cameo as an American DEA agent.

Ferrell’s performance is what carries the movie’s comedy, though Luna, Bernal, Rodriguez and Offerman offer small doses at times. The gags themselves are unique, obviously satirizing low-quality Mexican B-movies. The plot isn’t too complicated, so I won’t bother you with a synopsis.

All the tech stuff is purposefully bad, but the animatronics, from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, are a highlight.

The music is ridiculous, but perfect for the tone of the film.

Those expecting the next Anchorman will be disappointed, but if you’re just looking for a fun time, it’s not a bad way to spend an hour-and-a-half.

2 New Odd Future Releases?

LA collective Odd Future is back with some new releases…finally. Admittedly, I had sort of fallen out of the hype surrounding OF for the time being. As was posted, Earl came back and released a new song but quite frankly, it wasn’t all that great. But we’re not here to talk about Earl. The two new releases come from the other prominent members of the group. Suffice it to say that both of them have me excited for whatever’s coming next from OF.

The first comes from self-proclaimed stoner-loner, Domo Genesis.

I won’t be the first to say that Wiz Khalifa is annoying as hell. I think the majority of my fellow bloggers here would agree. Personal opinions aside, I love this song. The pan-flute sounding instrumental feels like a pirate story, but instead of pirates, you’re on a ship with Wiz Khalifa and Domo Genesis… and tons of pot. (Pirates of the Caribbean: At Joint’s End? Curse of the Black&Mild? Dead Man’s Stash?) Neither Domo’s nor Wiz’s verses are amazing here, but they’re solid. It’s a fun stonery song with a good feeling to it, and that’s plenty reason to listen to it for me. It’s good to see Domo branching out too, as OF’s “Most Improved” in my opinion, he’s definitely deserving of some more spotlight attention. Him and Wiz sort of have a Jay and Silent Bob, destined-to-be-partners feeling.

Do I smell a skit for Loiter Squad?

Next comes the first song and video released from the upcoming Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (Releasing on Mar. 20th… Go pre-order it)

Hilarious video to go with a strangely catchy song. At first I was very “meh” about it and wasn’t real excited but the more I listen to it the better it gets. I think what threw me off at first was the weird instrumental they have going here. It’s definitely got the sound of Tyler’s production. Regardless, all three verses are perfect. Hodgy’s got a sassy rambling sound going on, Domo’s just spilling words out of his mouth a la Lil B (#rarebasedswag), and Tyler’s got a slam poetry flow to match up with the beat of the song. OF definitely knows what they’re doing and if this is what the OF Tape Vol. 2 is gonna be like than sign me up.

Lastly, in other Odd Future news, they’re selling tickets for their upcoming tour right now. So if that catches your interest go check it out at