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Vincent Pham is one of the most cockiest mothertruckers around. When he first began fall quarter at the University of Washington, he had the audacity to claim that “they might as well make me a professor already”. Thinking back, it was kind of absurd that he walked around with such a swagger when his parents wouldn’t allow him to date in high school (and in the opinion of his father, no dating until grad school).  However, given his experience working with the Dream Project, it’s safe to say that his priorities and attitude has undergone some critical review. As he is slowly refining himself, Vincent is currently pursuing an English major with a triple minor in history, diversity, and Spanish, and having a teaching endorsement for social studies.

At the end of the day, the two major goals he wants in life is to: 1) Be the best teacher he can be.  2) Be the best son/ brother / eventual husband and father he can be. So how on earth did we go from an arrogant son of gun to a sometimes cocky individual with great aspirations? Constant reflection about how humbling and satisfying life has been. Late night reflection is always a wonderful thing, and the best results occur from listening to songs like Youth Lagoon’s “Montana” and Summer Heart’s “I Wanna Go”. He likes his music divided into two main categories: Late night jams that allow for reflection and songs that give that extra perk when getting up in the morning.

Watch his favorite movie scene ever:

Dylan Visvikis is a screenwriter currently studying his craft at the University of Southern California. When he’s not at school, he lives in L.A., interns and writes a lot (when he’s not being chased by Shia LaBeouf). As a vocalist, pianist and guitarist, he’s played with GRAMMY nominees SONiA & disappear fear, The Up Downs/Ride The Riot and 17-Car Pile-Up and scored a short film for legendary director Terence Digan. As a writer and producer, two of his short films have screened at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) in Seattle, he has written a feature-length script with Ben Livingston (“The Raven”) and Dan Rosen (“The Last Supper”), his writing has received praise from writers such as Javier Grillo-Marxuach (“Lost”) and Mardik Martin (“Raging Bull”), and recently, a rough draft of his spec script “Election Eve” was named a quarterfinalist in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

The genres he tends to cover are all over the map, with a focus on indie-alternative music, grunge, pop-punk, hardcore punk and singer-songwriter/acoustic. His favorite artists include (but are not limited to) Death Cab for Cutie, Ingrid Michaelson, disappear fear, Nirvana, The Beatles, Elliott Smith, The Pretty Reckless, Avril Lavigne (pre-Girlfriend), Arctic Monkeys, The Lonely Forest, Japandroids, Motion City Soundtrack, Sleigh Bells, Taylor Capps, The White Stripes, Coldplay (pre-Mylo), We Are Scientists, The Postal Service, ¡All-Time Quaterback!, SKAM, Tegan & Sara, Lowen & Navarro, The Who and The Wonder Years.

Chris Trimis is a student at the University of Washington studying Percussion Performance and hoping to study journalism beginning in 2013. He has called the Pacific Northwest home for the entirety of his life. When not in school, he can usually be found in rehearsal or in the practice room working on instruments that range from timpani to marimba and everything in between. He has performed in some of Seattle’s premier concert halls, a list including Benaroya Hall, McCaw Hall, the Moore Theater, and Meany Hall as a member of the Seattle Youth Symphony and The University of Washington Wind Ensemble. He currently performs with The University of Washington Wind Ensemble, Symphony, Percussion Ensemble, and in a jazz combo. As a drum set player, he has performed most notably as a member of eastside bands SKAM and Pangea. His musical highlights include placing second at the Washington State Solo and Ensemble Competition in the Multiple Percussion category, performing as a drum set soloist with the Seattle Youth Symphony at Benaroya Hall and the Moore Theater, and performing with SKAM alongside Seattle rapper P Smoov at a friend’s birthday party.

Chris is a rabid Seattle sports fan and a lover of music and film. The genres he covers for LAN include the ever nebulous “indie” as well as hip hop, jazz, and occasionally classical. His favorite artists include Elliott Smith, Japandroids, The Thermals, Shabazz Palaces, Miles Davis, Nacho Picasso, Dr. Dog, Manchester Orchestra, and the Arctic Monkeys. Never play the song “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis in front of him unless you’re tryin’ to get a Chelsea Dagger to the face.

David Cubine is a college dropout punk rocker with 000 gauges and a desire to destroy all society in favor of total uncontrolled anarchy. Well, ok, most of those things are false and one of them is debatable. What is true is that David loves a pretty broad range of music, including death metal, deathcore, post-progressive grindcore, and anarchoprimitive proto-djentcore with afropop influences. Basically, if a song does not have at least two of the following elements, I immediately reject it as terrible poser music and move on to something else: Br00tal Breakdownz in Drop F tuning or lower on 8 string guitars, blast beats at 190+ BPM, pitch-shifted inhaled pig squeal vocals, lyrics as disgusting or more disgusting than the decapitation/evisceration of several million AIDS-infected genetically modified porcine-human hybrid fetuses, and band members with swoopy haircuts.

In all seriousness I like a lot of punk and hardcore along with a smattering of alternative rock, metal and hip-hop (plus about two million subgenres in between). Some favorites include Code Orange Kids, Defeater, The Wonder Years, Fireworks and Say Anything. That’s all I have to say about that. Old Funky Water Gun Kills The Arsonist.


Kevin Pham is the final high school student left on the blog, entering his senior year. Buried under constant pressure to succeed, Kevin finds much solitude in music and dancing. Having grown up in Woodinville has given Kevin the inspiration to not be like everyone else. Admittedly, at times Kevin is very sanctimonious, in the way he looks upon some of his peers, but he believes his disbelief at the naive nature of many kids in Woodinville is very well justified. He is waiting to truck through his final year so he can get out and do whatever the hell he wants. There are ever so few times in which Kevin actually understands who he is. Most of the time, he believes that he is cool, chill and sophisticated. In actuality, Kevin is basically a giant goober that likes to laugh and do whatever he feels like doing. Kevin has a lot of difficulty articulating what he wants to say, so he usually gestures with his hands. Since viewers cannot see these gestures, he will utilize the random tid-bit about Kevin tactic. He is immature. He still watches Spongebob (During the school year, for an hour after school each day), and laughs his ass off at this: He is terrible with girls. He is very passionate in what he does, which many times leads him to get scolded or in trouble. He frankly doesn’t really give a crap about what anyone thinks about him. He is a grade-freak. He dances, dabbling a bit into bboying, krumping, popping/locking, the dougie, and jerkin’ (just kidding, he hates that shit). He has the tendency to talk and ramble for long periods of time so he is stopping now.

Kevin’s musical interests usually tend to drift towards the Indie scene, with anything upbeat and summery. He also digs mash-ups, songs that ooze energy, soft & reflective beats, old jazzy tracks, and random tracks that don’t fit for hip-hop dancing but sound cool and are fun to dance to. He is also intrigued by some rap. Kevin is embarrassed about it, but he loves mainstream tracks from the likes of Cher Lloyd, Rihanna and Katy Perry. Some favorite artists of his are Jhameel, Beat Culture, Cults, Matt & Kim, The Miracals, Lana Del Rey, Walk The Moon + more! Oh yeah, also this is what Kevin’s face looks like most of the time:

Taylor Capps

Seth Halleran Frequently found busting out dance moves in the club, Seth is a quiet, suburban boy from Woodinville, Washington. Having been born in Massachusetts and taking a brief sabbatical in Belgium, Seth found himself suddenly in a new world of trees, more trees, and coffee. He’s lived in Woodinville for 15 of the action-packed 18 years of his life. Currently, Seth is attending Woodinville High School as a senior and plans to study at the University of Washington (along with Chris and Vincent) in the major of psychology. He recently (or at least when this was written) finished his AP tests and is currently employing the F**k The Police strategy made popular by N.W.A. towards his homework. It’s super effective.

Outside of school, Seth enjoys hiking (in the pacific northwest, who knew?), traveling, reading, video games, and of course movies and music. Just a few of Seth’s favorite movies include: The Big Lebowski, A Serious Man (if you happen to be Jewish, it’s mandatory you see this ASAP), Akira, Princess Mononoke, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Wet Hot American Summer (again, Jews that went to summer camp, see this. now). In the realm of music Seth particularly enjoys Electronica (Chris eat your heart out), Rap/Hip-hop, Fantasy rock, Rock, and Mashups. Some favorites: Daft Punk, Justice, Wolfmother, Gorillaz, Super Mash Bros, Sol, Mike G, and Sam Lachow.

As a contributor to LAN Seth enjoys a good laugh in any and all of his posts (Ex: hehehehe). A majority of posts that come from Seth will be in the department of “Holy shit this is sickdopenasty, I have to tell people about it”, generally in the musical areas of electronica and hip-hop. And yes ladies, he is single.

Susie Yankou

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