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Introducing: Trails and Ways

Soak up this audio goodness. Seriously. This Oakland “bossa nova dream pop” band simply knows how to produce great tracks. The artwork featured for their singles aren’t too shabby either too. Let’s get go over a few of their tracks shall we? Here’s a main theme that carries throughout most of their works:  tropical rhythms and melodies.

My brother introduced this to me in the summer and it quickly escalated into one of my favorite songs to play during the summer.

The sunny world folk music continues on in this jam.

The band described their cover as an attempt to “…do justice to Miguel’s masterpiece by drawing on the smoky early 90s jazz guitar, synths and smooth beats we grew up loving.” I never thought I would say this, but damn I just found one of their works that surpasses the feelings that I had for “Nunca”. This will be my fall jam.

You want these tracks? Swing over to their facebook and download them for free! The only price you pay is a like on facebook, which is an outstanding deal for sweet music like this.

P.O.S- “Fuck Your Stuff”

Minnesota produces some good stuff. I first heard of P.O.S when I saw his collective Doomtree kill it at Capitol Hill Block Party during the summer. Recently, he dropped a really sick track in anticipation of his latest work We Don’t Even Live Here,  which comes out October 23rd via Rhymesayers. If you are feeling a little too cynical about anti-consumerism tracks (looking at you people that are tired of dealing with Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”), this might be the track for you.

Styles of Beyond – “Damn” (Featuring Michael Bublé!)

The last time I heard of Styles of Beyond, that was when Fort Minor’s track “Remember the Name” still held resonance on the radio and inspirational sports movie soundtracks. Coincidentally, I think that was also the last time I posted on this blog too. Forgive me for my long gap of posts, but hopefully this jam will make it up. If you were wondering how to do a hip-hop hook right, just make sure you feature the sultry jazz vocals of two-time Grammy winner Michael Bublé. God this feels so weird typing his name with a rap track, but hot damn does he make the track soar.

Theophilus London +Solange Knowles + Devonte Hynes = “Flying Overseas”

Enlisting the help of Devonte Hynes and sister of former Destiny’s Child member Beyonce, Solange Knowles,  Theophilus London dropped a gorgeous jam nearly two years ago. However, I have only stumbled upon but as soon as I heard it I knew I had to share right away. Now I thought that the RAC remix of “Why Even Try”  was my favorite track by Mr. London, but this song blows it away.

In an interview London reveals that “This song is about a kid from Brooklyn having dreams of jetting off to an exotic land with a loved one. I want to inspire kids to travel. Traveling inspires my music the most. It has inspired the entire album I just finished writing.” The song is so chill, the sound definitely fits with the song’s meaning. Theophilus’s laid back raps eases the listener as the beat begins to make for a relaxing sound, but when Solange Knowles comes in, oh dear the song takes it up to a whole new level. Solange has a keen sense of melody and her voice during the chorus uplifts the sound right into the clouds, taking the listener to the same destination described by Theophilus.

Absolutely guaranteed to make you smile. You’ll be putting this song on repeat just to listen to the beckoning of the chorus to “Come fly with me / I’ll give you all”


Mr. Taxi Man 
It’s been along time, I’ll be back again 
The birds and the bees be attracting ’em 
The pretty little flowers on the racks a’blend 
Fulfilled with meaning, let’s sip the Riesling 
I’m thinking about white to match the season 
Let’s visit the gardens, the river the parks 
I’ll bring it to your eyes, delivered hearts 

Do you remember me 
Do you remember me 
Ms. Hilary 
Do you remember me 

I’m going overseas 
Come fly with me, I’ll give you all 
I’m going overseas 
Come fly with me, I’ll give you all 

When I’m overseas your love just come over me 
Attacking me viciously in a sweet way that’s loving to me 
Gifts and diamond rings,a car, that’s nothing to me 
You send a picture, a mail package, that’s something to me 
Have a cup of my tea 
All the suckers should leave 
Baby, I’m no sucker I’m free 
Age is numbers to me 
You send a picture, I send a picture that’s comforting me 
A star gets lonely at night 
Only if moments are bright 
We just can’t get enough of us 
This is our night 
The moon is saying something to us 
At all times bright 
Her eyes said it all, lips are the softest 
Let’s go in the wind and get driven by the forces 
Let’s lay in the wind and get driven by the forces 

Do you remember me 
Do you remember me 
Ms. Hilary 
Do you remember me 

I’m going overseas 
Come fly with me, I’ll give you all 
I’m going overseas 
Come fly with me, I’ll give you all 

I ache for you, this heart of mine 
Don’t be afraid to crack a smile my dear 
Ohh she said to me what a tragedy 
Live happily in life throughout the years 

I ache for you, this heart of mine 
Don’t be afraid to crack a smile my dear 
Ohh she said to me what a tragedy 
Live happily in life throughout the years

Abadabad- “All The Bros Say”


“ABADABAD is dangerous, tape relic’d, guitar rock from a land of perpetual summers of dreamy ladies. These moments and dreams happen somewhere in Allston, MA.”

That’s the opening band line if you read up the about section of Abadabad, one of NME’s Top 100 New Bands for 2012. Armed with vintage melodies and sun-kissed guitar strums, these boys aim to produce just enough of beach pop sound to get you swaying along to nostalgia and yes clap your hands with the beat.

“All The Bros Say” is infectious because lives very much in the present, but also emotionally measured. What’s the meaning of all this? In the year of the YOLO, don’t those two characteristics contradict each other? Well, I think the expression of youth can be defined in many forms. For me, tt’s about savoring the delightful feeling of just plopping your feet on the desk as you watch the sun begin its last descent during the summer season. Instead of opening the package that contains your textbooks for school, you reach over to the mouse and click on the replay button to listen to the song one more time as you seek to preserve this summer bliss for just a bit longer. After an hour of “just one more replay”, it’s dark and whatever ambitions you had for the night goes to waste, but it’s all worth it just to take advantage of a rare moment of  taking in the sights and sounds. Listening to the lyrics “All The Bros Say” reminds me of the fact that the pleasures of youth are not forever, and this reality would typically dampen a few spirits I reckon. However, there isn’t any apprehension whatsoever, instead the music advocates us to cherish this fleeting moment of being young and able to just sit down and watch everything else go in motion for once.


Stream Abadabad’s The Wild EP below

Check out their other songs off their bandcamp. I suggest you check out Park Slope (I’m Sorry) and download the title track if you can’t get enough of ABADABAD

Give them some love on their Facebook and Twitter.


Passion Pit “Constant Conversations” [St. Lucia Remix]

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted on the blog. No worries though, I think this starry late night remix of Passion Pit should do the trick. Given that two of my fellow bloggers gushed over their Bumbershoot experience, particularly regarding Passion Pit, I checked out a few of the latest tracks off of Gossamer. Although I was surprised by how much I enjoyed their work, I think that the reinterpretation of “Constant Conversations” by St. Lucia is delightful. If you thought the original song’s chorus was good, you’ll adore the extra synthy sound during those “oh-oh-oh-oh’s”. Check it out, stick around, I’ll be back again soon enough.

Download song for free

Read a review of the original track here

St. Lucia soundcloud:
St. Lucia Facebook:

The Latest Internet Craze: PSY “Gangnam Style”

If you haven’t seen this, prepare to be bewildered and entertained. I cannot think of a better way to be introduced to Korean Pop, however I doubt that many of you will venture off and check out other Korean songs simply because you’ll be stuck pressing the replay button again and again.

Here’s the info attached to the music video: “The album’s weighty title song ‘Gangnam Style’ is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.” I cannot believe the audacity in the claim of impacting “modern philosophy”. Utterly absurd, but so right in its mesmerizing content (Who the heck creates a dance that is based off riding a horse)? International media like CNN have covered this song because of its bizarre video, along with many Youtube videos getting thousands, even millions of hits of Westerners (Americans) growing more and more befuddled as they watch the music video. Before I go on, let’s take a look at the video shall we?

So here’s the biggest question: What the hell is Gangnam Style even mean?

Read this article off the blog My Dear Korea to be enlightened. Prepare for some real philosophy.  A quick overview:

“In Korean society the term “gangnam style” has come to represent an aspirational nouveau riche mindset among the affluent residents of the area south of the Han river. Psy’s lyrics are a send-up of the typical expectations of that lifestyle skewering the image-conscious habits of male and female residents such as the doenjangnyeo or “soybean girl” who spends more for a trendy cup of Starbucks coffee than for her entire lunch. The music video is particularly rife with ironic imagery accessible to viewers who cannot understand the Korean lyrics. Jea Kim, blogger and social commentator on Korea writes:

“The music video begins with PSY seemingly sunbathing on sandy beach, being fanned by a hot chick, but it turns out he is surrounded by little kids playing in the playground. There’s PSY walking together with two hot girls just like P. Diddy walking on the red carpet but in fact, he and the girls are in an outdoor parking lot and instead of confetti… trash is thrown at them. He looks like P. Diddy sitting in a luxurious chair, it is actually the toilet he’s sitting on.”[54]

Each of Psy’s pursuits of the luxurious lifestyle ends with a sardonic twist: a closeup of Psy in a clubhouse sauna has him sharing a steam not with the rich and beautiful but lowlife Korean gangsters. His lap in the pool reveals to be in a public bathhouse. His horseback ride at the country club ends up being a merry go round at the amusement park.

The video has Psy searching for the “classy and luxurious” girl mentioned in his lyrics “in irrelevant places such as under the bridges over the Han River or in the Han River Park and eventually finds his ideal woman on the subway and dances with her and others there, not in one of those Gangnam nightclubs”

In the end, I leave you this: