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New Music: Silverstein

Canadian post-hardcore veterans Silverstein unveiled a whole lot of news today, including North American and European tour dates, album info, and a brand new song. The band’s sixth full length, a concept album titled “This Is How The Wind Shifts,” will be available February 5th, 2013. You can stream a song from it, “Stand Amid The Roar,” at

Dream Teams

I recently stumbled across a self-post on the /r/progmetal subreddit (an excellent way to find new music!) asking for progressive metal “dream teams,” and I jumped right into making picks. Several guitarists immediately came to mind as obvious choices, along with the handful of recognizable metal bassists, and I chose the drummer/vocalist last to best suit the style. Here’s what I came up with:

  • 6 String Lead Guitar and Keys – AJ Minnette of The Human Abstract playing primary melodies on both guitar and piano (The violin)
  • 8 String Rhythm Guitar – Misha Mansoor of Periphery handling low end riffs (The cello)
  • 7 String Guitar – Justin Lowe of After the Burial harmonizing with leads and riffs, playing chords when necessary (The viola)
  • Bass – Arif Mirabdolbaghi of Protest the Hero (The bass)
  • Drums – Lyle Cooper of The Faceless playing dynamically with thoughtful displays of chops (Percussion)
  • Vocals and Synth – Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me using growls sparingly and providing atmospheric synth sounds where appropriate
  • Band would play technical metal with classically-minded composition and a very slight djent influence.

So what’s your musical dream team? Any style, any number of members, living or dead! Leave a comment and let us know!

New Becoming the Archetype album, “I AM” drops today

Via Solid State Records, the progressive metal veterans return just a year after their 2011 powerhouse “Celestial Completion,” and it marks their first release with no original members.

Of Mice & Men stream “The Flood” Reissue (featuring 4 new tracks)

Rise Records is currently streaming the entirety of Of Mice & Men’s “The Flood” reissue, which features four new tracks from the band. The reissue drops thursday. This marks the band’s first material without bassist/vocalist Shayley Bourget, and Austin Carlile handles all vocal duties.

The playlist with all songs can be found here:

Check out one of the previously unreleased tracks here: 

My thoughts: The band has taken up a noticeably heavier and more groove-oriented sound compared to older material. Chuggy breakdowns still abound, but the production is significantly grittier and the guitar tunings have dropped even further. Personally I appreciate their attempts to evolve, since the sound from their self-titled record has been so overdone in the past few years, but I find their need to detune guitar strings more with every record a little disappointing. Austin Carlile’s screams have always been the high point of the band, and they sound far more biting when accompanied by riffage in C# as opposed to B or A. Regardless, the new tracks are enjoyable and bode well for their upcoming third record. (One more note: The first new “song,” The Calm, is really just and intro and probably shouldn’t have been billed as a full track).

Sway premieres new Childish Gambino track, One Up

Check out the song there. His new mixtape drops July 4th.

New Of Mice & Men: The Depths

Of Mice & Men have released a brand new song from the forthcoming reissue of The Flood, titled The Depths. The reissue will feature 4 new tracks in total, and marks the band’s first material since the departure of bassist/clean vocalist Shayley Bourget. Austin Carlile will now be handling both sung and screamed vocals for the band.

I personally think the song kicks ass. Austin Carlile’s unique voice sounds better than ever and he even channels a bit of Oli Sykes (of Bring Me The Horizon fame) to great effect. The lyrics are more straightforward than we’ve heard from the band in the past and the riffs are significantly more driving. I’m a little disappointed that they’ve felt the need to go the route of 100 other metalcore bands and tune a half step lower with each release (they’ve gone from C# to C to, now, B) but it doesn’t detract from the music. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs off the reissue.

New Release: Motion City Soundtrack – Go

In the mood for some up-beat, punk-y pop rock? Then hit up Motion City Soundtrack’s new record Go, released today on Epitaph Records. Expect plenty of ridiculously catchy vocal melodies and some floor stomping instrumentals.