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Phoenix Tour-Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington: Review

For the first time in two years, the 2009 Grammy Award Winner for Best Alternative Album (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix), the band Phoenix is on tour and stopped by the Paramount Theater in Seattle for its second show. And my god. It was absolutely glorious.
March 29th, saw Phoenix come into town with special guest Mac DeMarco opening for them.  The night didn’t start off too well, with Mac DeMarco playing a generally weak set. They have a substantial amount of energy and they actually had some nice beats, but the lyrics and singing were so painful to hear, it rendered entire songs as useless. A lot of the songs started out with potential and got my feet moving, but eventually, especially at the chorus, the beat would change or the singing would become unbearable. I even fell asleep at some points. While I don’t want to disrespect Mac DeMarco, it was flat out, not my style and their live set needs work, especially so that people can actually understand what they say.