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Wondrous Bughouse-Youth Lagoon || First Listen Thoughts

The one man band of Trevor Powers in Youth Lagoon sees the release of his new album “Wondrous Bughouse” after the amazing debut album “The Year of Hibernation” come on March 5th. Thanks to NPR we get a preview of the whole album, and needless to say, Powers isn’t playing here.
While I have to admit my first impressions were not matched, I have to be realistic. I expected YL to do something that is pretty much impossible, build on the 1st album and make it better. While the unreal expectations were not met, I came to another conclusion. It’s not that he didn’t meet my expectations, he just changed directions. “Wondrous Bughouse” has new sounds that doesn’t match much of the last album and are wonderful in their own way. Blending a mix of simple pop beats and fluent synths, YL creates an album that can only be expressed with a curious attitude and a quizzical look. The best way I can really describe the songs are: Uplifting-Moody-Mysterious. It really just hits you in different ways depending on what your mood is. NPR quoted Powers saying that he didn’t have any epiphanies or discoveries when making the album but rather just let the music control his busy mind.

“Wondrous Bughouse” has all its little quirks that just made it a blast to listen through all the way. Some parts confused me, others made me smile immediately, but that was just the first impression. I have a feeling this album will work the same magic that the last one did, its lyrics and sounds steadily growing onto me until everything just feels natural to listen to. But at this point, all there is to do is to keep listening and go along for the smooth ride. Overall this album is a great effort by Powers. There is some that is left to be yearned for, but I can’t complain, YL does what he wants and if he’s going to be exploring something new, hell, I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll be tagging along right behind him. Grade if you really want it: A (in this writer’s opinion)
NPR LINK (either just start from the beginning or scroll down and choose what you want to listen to)

Favorite songs off the album (so far):

  • Mute
  • Dropla
  • Third Dystopia
  • Raspberry Cane

Don’t ask what songs they sound like from past albums. They sound different to me as it might to you. Just give it all a shot!