West Coast Represent! HAIM’s “Don’t Save Me”

These three sisters, Danielle, Alana and Este Haim out of Los Angeles make up the nifty lil band that goes by their last name. And woo buddy do they sound gooood. Rocking a little bit of everything, sounding like some kind of nu-folk blended with some 90’s R& B, they bear a lot of resemblance to the former girl band, Those Dancing Days, but a bit different in the sense that the sounds of their songs change it up quite a bit. Releasing their EP “Forever” back in February, they’ve picked up quite some steam and are started to get pretty popular. I mean they got a Vevo and all…but in actuality, they have ties to artists like Julian Casablancas, Ke$ha, Florence + The Machine and some more, so it probably won’t be long until they’ll be established their own name in the music culture.

I want to give focus especially to their infectiously catchy pop tune “Don’t Save Me” and a fitting video for the song and its lyrics. Talking about not being saved and going up hard against some boys in B-ball? Pretty cool stuff. But the song is damn good. The chorus just croons and begs to be sung along with. I mean it’s just fun to say “Baby, don’t save me now” and dragging out the ‘now’. I’m glad they’re from the West Coast and bringing in another upbeat, catchy tune with this one. The thing that sets this song apart from their other ones is it seems to be the only fast paced one they have so far, but it’s damn cool and a perfect summer jam to look forward to being able to sing along with. Yo, ain’t no shame in singing along with girls. Keep an eye out for Haim. They’re gonna be something good.

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