Introducing – Kenzie & Kendal

This is literally the most chance discovery I’ve ever made. A Facebook friend of mine liked a band. She’s not someone I’m particularly close with. It popped up on my news feed, and I’m a guy always on the lookout for new music. So I clicked on the page, and listened to a few songs.

Kenzie & Kendal have doubled their likes on Facebook in October to over 1,000. I’m one of them now. They have a derivative sound, sure, but it’s a good derivative sound. Taking guidance primarily from The Civil Wars and The Swell Season, Kenzie & Kendal have crafted a well-arranged debut album of songs ranging from Swell Season’s acoustic indie-style stuff to Civil Wars’ more americana/folk-based melodies.

When searching for them on YouTube, I found one song, “Six Feet Deep”, the most heavily arranged and rootsy song on the album. A related song was “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart, one of my favorites. I won’t post it here, because I don’t think it’s the most accurate or best representation of their work. The album kicks off with a song called “We’ll Be Just Fine”, and it’s definitely the best of the bunch. So here’s a link to it:


Preview it, listen the WHOLE WAY THROUGH (the chorus takes a while to hit), and if you like it, help out some struggling indie artists. Or just rip it from their BandPage on Facebook and share the crap out of it like I would if we had the space to store it (coming soon, hopefully). Either way, attend their live shows and support them, ’cause that’s a good thing to do and you’re a good person, right?

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One response to “Introducing – Kenzie & Kendal

  • Ricki

    Kenzie McGee (of Kenzie & Kendal) is and has been my best friend for more than 12 years. I happened upon this article completely by chance thanks to a bored, late night of “googling.” When I read this I assumed she’d seen. I just now mentioned it to her in a phone conversation. She flipped out! She had no idea. Thank you.

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