October 9th Miscellany for Your Perusal

So there’s a lot of stuff that just came out that caught my eye. This is a random assortment of my thoughts on a lot of it.

Divisive Seattle rapper-producer duo Macklemore x Ryan Lewis have caused rifts even among the members of this blog. I prefer some of his deeper cuts (“Wings“, “My Oh My” and “Same Love” to be specific), but his more recent stuff hasn’t really caught my ear. The American people seem to love it though, as The Heist debuted atop the iTunes Album charts today …  The new ABC show Nashville officially premieres tomorrow night, and it’s worth a watch for its potential, despite its country music hangup. The songs aren’t anything of note, save for the episode’s closer, “If I Didn’t Know Better”, which sounds like something straight out of The Civil Wars‘ catalog, and might possibly be from there, considering the rumor that they’re composing songs for the show (no credit is offered beyond T-Bone Burnett‘s position as Executive Music Producer … Tame Impala is back with more stoner rock and a new album, and “Led Zeppelin” is easily the highlight. It’s worth a listen for sure … Ty Segall returns with his new album Twins, and it’s also worth checking out … Joshua Radin and The Joy Formidable might be on two disparate ends of the indie rock spectrum, but their singles are each eminently listenable … lastly and most importantly, Ben Gibbard released his solo album on YouTube for a preview, and no surprise, it’s excellent. Very Photo Album-era Death Cab. Instant buy. Likely review later, but listen here:

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