Cub Scouts! From Australia! – “Told You So”

You know, YouTube confuses the hell out of me. I don’t know how I get from one place to another. I constantly get distracted by it when I’m supposed to be doing homework and I waste hours on it. Just like today. Was watching some damn cat videos and one thing led to another and I got to some bears. And from that I looked on the side and saw this song called “Told You So”. Clicked on it and was not disappointed. By Cub Scouts, this video kicks it old-school, with many 90’s themed shots in there. A lot of shoutouts to old 90’s stuff like the retro clothes and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was pretty cool seeing the freeze frames of the comic-book style shots and all in all, it was a nifty video that actually had a somewhat of a story and a fitting song. The cool part was how colorful the video was, mixed in with the seemingly upbeat, just fit perfectly.

This five-piece, Indie-Pop band coming out of Brisbane has been around for about a year or so and they’ve their own type of sound that makes them a bit unique. More electronic sounding, you get a simple beat with some consistent bouncy guitar sounds, a keyboard playing a very vital part and from what I read from another blog that fits the song perfectly: “strange air of 90’s computer game nostalgia”. The vocals are pretty flipping sweet too, simple and soft along with the absolutely kickass backup harmonies. That just about made the song for me. Song just floats on by and is damn catchy. In general, you just get this old-school vibe to it, and it’s nice to kick back and chill to. I’ve always wondered what Australia was up to, being totally separate from everywhere else. Guess they’ve been busy with some damn cool music. I’m curious as to see what else Cub Scouts bring to the scene, but from what I got so far, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

Stream the song here:

They have an EP coming out October 12th, on itunes, but in the mean time, you can just go like them right on their Facebook!

One response to “Cub Scouts! From Australia! – “Told You So”

  • WhatThe

    Cub scouts are awesome! Check out Evie or Do You Hear. Their lead singer also has a bunch of fun covers up on youtube – you can tell he’s got a quality voice.

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