Call and Response – ODESZA

A while back, we threw up a song called “How Did I Get Here” by a band called Odesza. Coming out of Washington (that’s where we’re from, nice!), A production duo consisting of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches got an instant hit with “How Did I Get Here” which exploded all over the Hype Machine. Then a few weeks back, they dropped their first album “Summer’s Gone” which received some great exposure and is starting to blow them up. They got some great stuff and we were lucky enough to nail a super quick check-in with them, to see where they were at after the album release. They’ve been busy, that’s for sure, but this is what they had to say:

Out of all the songs you two have produced together, what is your favorite one?

Probably “How Did I Get Here” mainly because it was the first song we were really excited about.

I know both of you were independent producers before Odesza, so how and why did you guys get the band together?

We knew each other through mutual friends and had talked from time to time about collaborating but we never got around to actually doing it. Then one day we decided to jam and we made three songs from the album in a day. That’s when we thought “We need to make an album”

When your EP released, I saw it explode all over the Hype Machine. How has that exposure helped increase your fan base?

It’s helped a lot, we’re really fortunate to have had a lot of people support us and post about the album when it was released.

So I know you guys are in the process of trying to set up a tour/live show; Do you guys plan on making it a regional thing or broadening it out to across the nation?

Yes, hopefully across the nation. We are almost done with getting our live show together. Once that’s done we plan on going wherever people will have us.

Final question here, 6 months from now, what is it that you will want to proudly say about Odesza?

That we’re doing a kickass show and people are still into what we’re doing.

Thanks for the interview Kevin! We appreciate you taking the time to do it!

All the best,,


As much as we wish we could’ve gotten more out of them, we’ll take what we got. They’re busy and are already giving us some great music. Thanks again to Odesza for doing this brief interview and I know there will be a lot of excited fans to see what they have next!

Check out their album on their SoundCloud:

-you can find download the album if you like it at:

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