“Little Voices” – Scott & Brendo feat. Justin Williams

Little Voices cover art

If you haven’t seen the recent devinsupertramp video, it features this pretty fresh track called “Little Voices” by Scott & Brendo feat. Justin Williams. Now I have to admit, I would’ve never found this song without the video, but it’s alright, devinsupertramp has some pretty good music selections for his videos. The unicycle freestyling fits perfectly with the song and it’s fun to watch.

Alright, so the song is a little brief, but it’s short and sweet. You get that pretty sick mixture of Indie Rock along with a Hip Hop flow to it, so it’s tight. While not a traditional type of song you’d be doing that dancing stuff to, it’s still pretty nice to listen to and just kinda bob your head to. Now while I can’t distinguish who actually is singing what, the group, made up of Scott Winn and Brenden Bytheway, featuring the likes of Justin Williams, has made a pretty chill track. The contrast between the rapping and then the crooning of the chorus is pretty sick. The chorus makes the song for me in this, along with the beat, so take a look at it for yourself. You can stream for free and/or download it at their bandcampKeep an eye out for these guys. I can easily see them blowing up real quick. They got it. Your move Scott & Brendo (+Justin Williams too!) I’ll be keeping up on what you guys have to offer next.

NOTE: We managed to nab an interview with them. Get to know Scott & Brendo!


Yo, hip hop and I’m turning feet 
Everybody’s outside and we’re lookin sweet 
Saving all the best tricks that are up my sleeves 
For the last ones left who can taste the beat 

Do you wanna come and take a little chance with me 
Come dance with me, make plans with me 

And I wish right now that we don’t ever stop this 
Because I just dont think we’ll top this 

Just so you know 
It’s impossible 
To die from overdose 
Of anything that feels this good 

Ok kids, listen up. Promise me that you WILL try this at home! 

Take a ratty black hat and try to wear it backwards 
Now pedal harder cuz we’re going faster 

Firecrackers at the crack of dawn 
Everybody gettin’ wetter from the dew in the lawn 

And I ask myself one question 
Everybody’s got a similar expression 
It’s high time that I’m asking why 
Is life supposed to feel this high

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