Odesza-Summer’s Gone

NOTE: We got lucky and grabbed a quick interview with them!

A while back you might have heard of Odesza, a two piece producer band straight outta Washington and their fantastic track “How Did I Get Here” . They set the bar pretty damn high with that track and word of their album coming out only further put them under some pressure to succeed. But don’t worry. “Summer’s Gone” is good. Real good.

Coming off of “How Did I Get Here” I was expecting an eerie, darker type of sound, contemplative even, and man I was blown away. There is just a awesome mixture of happy,  thoughtfulness, and hope blended together to create one of the chillest albums I have ever heard. I listened through every single song and I didn’t stop at any of them. Such a relaxing album to listen to. If you’ve been on hypem lately, then you can see that they have exploded. And with good reason. This is a great album. If you just want to chill and let yourself get overwhelmed by music, then listen to “Summer’s Gone”. If you just want to relax to a couple songs, then be very careful. You’ll get sucked into it real quick. Some songs that I can suggest you listen to are: “How Did I Get Here”, “We Were Young”, “Hey Now” and “IPlayYouListen”. Just a couple to throw out. This album is amazing though. I love it. The only flaw I can see with it is that the transitions between songs is a bit rough at times because the sounds are really similar and takes away from each song’s respective power. Good stuff! I’m giving it a solid 9.5/10 because I can’t personally find any problems asides from the difficulty placing names to tracks. Also, if you have time, listen to all the tracks. There are some on the album that have an unjustified amount of views compared to their quality. Get acquainted with Odesza. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

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