Abadabad- “All The Bros Say”


“ABADABAD is dangerous, tape relic’d, guitar rock from a land of perpetual summers of dreamy ladies. These moments and dreams happen somewhere in Allston, MA.”

That’s the opening band line if you read up the about section of Abadabad, one of NME’s Top 100 New Bands for 2012. Armed with vintage melodies and sun-kissed guitar strums, these boys aim to produce just enough of beach pop sound to get you swaying along to nostalgia and yes clap your hands with the beat.

“All The Bros Say” is infectious because lives very much in the present, but also emotionally measured. What’s the meaning of all this? In the year of the YOLO, don’t those two characteristics contradict each other? Well, I think the expression of youth can be defined in many forms. For me, tt’s about savoring the delightful feeling of just plopping your feet on the desk as you watch the sun begin its last descent during the summer season. Instead of opening the package that contains your textbooks for school, you reach over to the mouse and click on the replay button to listen to the song one more time as you seek to preserve this summer bliss for just a bit longer. After an hour of “just one more replay”, it’s dark and whatever ambitions you had for the night goes to waste, but it’s all worth it just to take advantage of a rare moment of  taking in the sights and sounds. Listening to the lyrics “All The Bros Say” reminds me of the fact that the pleasures of youth are not forever, and this reality would typically dampen a few spirits I reckon. However, there isn’t any apprehension whatsoever, instead the music advocates us to cherish this fleeting moment of being young and able to just sit down and watch everything else go in motion for once.


Stream Abadabad’s The Wild EP below

Check out their other songs off their bandcamp. I suggest you check out Park Slope (I’m Sorry) and download the title track if you can’t get enough of ABADABAD

Give them some love on their Facebook and Twitter.


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