Passion Pit “Constant Conversations” [St. Lucia Remix]

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted on the blog. No worries though, I think this starry late night remix of Passion Pit should do the trick. Given that two of my fellow bloggers gushed over their Bumbershoot experience, particularly regarding Passion Pit, I checked out a few of the latest tracks off of Gossamer. Although I was surprised by how much I enjoyed their work, I think that the reinterpretation of “Constant Conversations” by St. Lucia is delightful. If you thought the original song’s chorus was good, you’ll adore the extra synthy sound during those “oh-oh-oh-oh’s”. Check it out, stick around, I’ll be back again soon enough.

Download song for free

Read a review of the original track here

St. Lucia soundcloud:
St. Lucia Facebook:

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