The Variety Hour; Or A Couple Of Releases To Be Checking Out

Back again Gents (Presumptuous to think we only have male readers? Prove me wrong ladies). Was sitting here thinking about doing a review on two new Sam Lachow releases when I heard a voice: “Seth, there’s an awful lot of new releases in your Youtube history right now.” God… is that you? Nope just talking to myself again. To save you from more tempered senseless rantings, here are some new releases from a variety of artists to be checking out right now, bon appétit:

Sam Lachow & Raz

Young Seattle rapper Sam Lachow has teamed up with Raz Simone, another little-known rapper from the Seattle area on the “5 Good Reasons EP”, a collaborative release due 9/17/12. This recently dropped single off the album features a verse from both rappers that’s hopefully indicative of what’s to come, along with the heartfelt, raspy musings of hypeman B Skeez. Sam talked in an interview about how working with Raz who has a more serious, contemplative theme to his work, has really challenged him and forced him to explore a new “deeper” style to his own lyrics. Experimenting with new styles aside, this song is a charming listen with a nostalgic, feel-good vibe. It’s a little goofy, a portion thought provoking, and a lot sincere. It’s easy to get caught up in the bullshit when it comes to all this jibber-jabber about “The Town” but you can really hear that this city means a lot to these guys, not because it’s Seattle, but because it’s what they call home.

Sam Lachow, Kung Foo Grip, BFA, and Gift uh Gab

A quick paced, independent release from Sam features an array of young and upcoming Seattle area rappers. Sam picks up the beat with a classic, no-worries verse that calls back to his high-school debut group: Shankbone. The next verses to follow come from Kung Foo Grip and Brothers From Another. KFG’s boys bring smooth verses that hugely understate there real talent. They definitely have some room to improve with their flow/lyrics, but those two know how to go hard. They played at Cascadia Community College for a crowd of probably 100 or so (aka not very big) but still went nuts on stage and gave us a hell of a show. BFA hail from the Eastside here (Kirkland I believe? Fact check anyone?) and present themselves with some silly lyrics about being a teenager and partying, which IS the meaning of life after all. Joking aside, to contrast the youthful, still developing lyrics of these 4 guys Gift uh Gab (aka Gabby Kadushin) quite remarkably murders this track with her verse. Not that I have anything against girl rappers, but quite frankly most of them don’t really have the talent and presence needed for being truly admirable. This is not one of those cases though. Gabby’s flow is warm and buttery, and her lyrics have a depth that almost jabs you at the end of each line. She’ a regular feature on Sam’s work (check out Goldschlaggers) and I’m thinking she could sport some bomb solo work. Sam’s paying his dues here, and I love it. It’s encouraging to see local artists work with each other and really contribute to the Seattle music scene as a whole.


The Odd Future crew sort of disappeared this summer but Mellowhype is back with their video for La Bonita, the first single off the upcoming album Numbers (or at least the first official single? 64? 65? 45? Wikipedia needs to get it’s shit straight…). Truthfully, it’s groovy. The whole Latin style to the song is provocatively intoxicating. The marimbas (feels like sixth-grade music class) bring in a sweet-sounding melody that isn’t often heard on Odd Future tracks because it’s not Tyler’s production style. It’s a welcome change that is definitely setting Mellowhype aside as it’s own entity. Unlike most of their songs where Hodgy is solo rapping over Left Brain’s beats, Mr. Brain comes in with his own verse and various vocals. It’s awesome. He’s got a gravelly, welcomingly menacing voice that sounds just fucking boss on this. Hodgy’s stellar as usual with the same kind of impressively rhymed lines that have been bolstering him this whole way. As for the video it’s just cool. There really isn’t another way to describe hot latin girls (is that Rihanna?) dancing, badass gypsy makeup, huge speakers, oversized coats, a mariachi band, and a motherfucking trained, smart ass capuchin monkey chillin out on Hodgy’s motherfucking shoulder like it’s gonna jump off and spit it’s own verse. Go get your own capuchin, then talk to me about cool. Look out for Numbers coming 10/9/12.


Look which mildly irate, minecraft addicted, Nyan Cat sporting nerd DJ is back. This song has been out for a couple weeks now in a couple different versions but this recently released video features the official mix off of Deadmau5’s soon to come album >album title goes here< (Coming 9/25/12). The song has a strangely fitting mix of heavy guitar sounds with the classic mau5 synths and heavy bass kicks. Professional Griefers also features the vocal talent of Mr. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Boy, my middle-school self is squirming in my too-big-clothes and too-long-hair with excitement. But for real, Gerard (may I call you Gerard? Okay, thanks) adds a new dynamic to the mau5 song. Although Dr. Mau5 has his merits, sometimes his music needs that extra kick, and these almost slam-poetic vocals give it just that. The video’s humorous as ever with Joel and Gerard facing off in a giant-remote-controlled-mau5bot UFC match, only to be foiled by a robotic Professor Meowingtons (I promise I didn’t make that up).

Honorable Mentions?

•Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, has everyone in Seattle buzzing about like it’s the second coming (still waiting…). Call me cynical… I am, but meh. I like the saxophone and the vocals coming from Wanz but I’m not sold on the verses. Slash the video’s hilurrious, I’ll give it that. Check out Kevin’s post on it if you’re looking for a more favorable opinion.

•Madeon’s The City, also covered by KPham, is an uplifting and thrilling electrogasm of keyboard, bass, beats, and singing. That being said, I feel like it’s release has unfairly shadowed his only month-old release of Finale, which is the superior track in this blogger’s opinion.

Whew, that was an ordeal. Go show some love on the artist’s facebook pages if the mood strikes you. Tell me why my music taste is shit or why I’m wrong on our own facebook page

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