[Must Listen] Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Going Harddd – “Thrift Shop” ft. Wanz

I’m sure y’all have heard of Macklemore, one way or another. He’s good huh? Yeah he doesn’t dissappoint with this fresh, new track called “Thrift Shop”. He’s been preforming it for a while now if you’ve seen any videos of live performances on youtube. But now we actually have the track and an awesome music video to go along with it. This track is a bit different from what we’ve gotten from Macklemore of late (especially his track regarding same-sex rights “Same Love”) but I dig this shit all the same. For real, on this one, Macklemore goes fucking HAAM y’all. Hard as a motherfucker. And hot damn is it flippin’ cool to listen to. Rockin’ the jazzy, horn beats gives you a different feel this time around. I actually prefer listening to this over his other songs to just kind of chill and groove to a beat. Enough about that though, it’s a fresh track, with Ryan Lewis always doing his thing and Wanz providing a nice lil chorus bit. Macklemore just does what he does best. Represents ALL of Seattle now. I mean it’s for all the hipsters out there. The lyrics are talking about thrift store shopping. The music video is just absurd as the concept of the song, but it’s still awesome and hilarious as shit. Macklemore just bounces around in those thrift stores doing whatever the hell he wants? haha. Best part has to be when he’s rocking the Batman onesie.

I can definitely dig the lyrics as well. They’re so insanely unique. Just fits exactly who Macklemore is. The part about the “cold ass honky” was freaking funny. Oh and did you catch that refrerence to R-Kelly and his pissing story? hahaha lyrics on this one are just so damn great. This is a track you HAVE to listen to. Way too easy to loop over and over.

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