This Might be the Most Fantastic Thing You Will See

Rotary Dial Springtime cover art

So I surfing the web in hopes of exploring some other cultures (and subsequently fueling my passion to go overseas sometime soon) and I came across this gem of a video. It covers Holi, a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. A group by the name of Good Line captured the event and posted it on their page. Here’s their statement about what they do:

Good Line is a creative collaborative focused on telling stories through the method of short documentaries.

We are writers, cinematographers, musicians and artists fueled by the art of Storytelling. Our tale-chasing takes us around the globe as we enthusiastically track down the best threads, the wildest yarns, and the good lines; no matter where it takes us.

The experiences we’ve shared with our clients make us who we are and we count ourselves blessed to be a part of their story.

We believe in optimism, truth, and real life characters.

We believe in capturing life as it is.

Now proceed to watch their awesome video.

Beyond the eyegasms of watching thousands of people having a the time of their lives as they blast each other with colors, I couldn’t help but notice the cinematic sound of the video. Well, in actuality notice would be too much of an understatement. I absolutely adored the music, this is a kind of sound that absolutely bursts with energy and enthusiasm.  Go ahead, listen to the track for the first minute and see if you aren’t compelled to smile in joy. Do the same thing with the video too. Oh Jesus I need to participate in Holi.

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