The XX – “Try”

I would be very surprised if any Indie music fan has not heard of The XX, the British trio that makes great soft songs that just tug at your heart’s strings. Another leaked single off of their upcoming album “Coexist” is “Try”. If you’ve been following the band, then you’ve already should have given “Angels” and “Chained” a listen (click for songs). Their sophomore album is looming with success, with two just absolute awesome songs already out. Now “Try” is a bit different from the prior two singles but still maintains the emotional, sickly sweet vocals that you are exposed to in every one of The XX’s songs. This track has a bit more emphasis on airy synths than the usual guitars, but the most important part is that the band still sticks to its emotionally-driven lyrics and sound. This track is very chill and finding it at 4 in the morning was very nice. It’s very relaxing and I feel damn good listening to it with my eyes closed.

The lyrics tell the story of many a people face. The meaning of the song is a couple meeting with each other after a break-up, and even though their relationship is over, after looking it over, realize they still have feelings for one another, but won’t outright say it. Just another XX song that many people can relate to, which seems to be their specialty. Even if you don’t relate to it, it’s still nice to listen to. “Coexist”, their sophomore album, gets set for release on the 10th of September. Get pumped. It’ll be good.


We bide our time
Though the time is fine
Oh to be there, I could be there
Say you’ll be there
You know the way, I
Can’t resist you, I
Said to myself I’ll try

Why do we waste time
Hiding it inside?
I want you to be mine

Now it’s dead and gone
You say what you would’ve done
You would’ve been there,
I wish you’d been there,
I needed you there

And if we try once more
Would you give me it all?
I won’t believe it,
‘Til I can feel it
Can you feel it?

You know the way, I
Can’t resist you, I
Said to myself I’ll try

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