Frank Ocean feat. Kendrick Lamar – Bend Ya

Frank Ocean x Kendrick Lamar - Bend Ya

Yo Frank Ocean is going hardcore. All his stuff is good. After that just absolute golden album in “Channel Orange”, we finally have a look at his track “Bend Ya” featuring Kendrick Lamar. A minute-and-half snippet was released back in July of 2011, and now we have the early signs of this smooth track. It may or may not be the final version, but thanks to DJ Green, we get a full look at this song. Kendrick Lamar drops some kickass lyics and Frank Ocean is always doing his thing, keeping the song flowing with his sleek voice. Also the end, we get some verses from Shawn Chrystopher. All with this sick beat? Another great Frank Ocean. But what do you expect now? He’s fucking great.

Lyrics so far:
[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
All the spoons in my kitchen
(Bend, they bend, they bend, they bend, they bend)
Bend ya up, and bend ya back down
All the girls in my bedroom
(They bend, they bend, they bend, they bend, they bend)
Bend ya in and bend ya in and bend ya back out
All the rules to this game, oh I
(Bend, I bend, I bend, I bend)
Bend it girl, bend it girl

[Verse: Kendrick Lamar]
Uhh, soon as I enter
I put a hurtin on it if I don’t kill it she injured
For a long time, summer, spring and winter
Fall for anything, you clumsy ass nigga
Jumping off the boat in some eighty-seven locs
She’s seen them hundred spokes, and then that woman spoke
But I don’t talk back,I put my life on tracks
If that don’t work put your wife on track
Show me where the candle wax, it must be you
Because I burn right through everything y’all do
High octane when I bring on my last name
Mr. Lamar a.k.a “The Cash King”
Quicker than pre-cum won’t you give her a reason
to not meet/meat up with me like a vegan
Psssh! God Damn I’m the fuckin man
She said fuck her man, now she fuck with man

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