Food+Mechanical Bull=Win! Showcasing Achille Lauro’s “Lighting” Music Video

Alright. I’m not going to lie. Watching people eat shit is fucking hilarious. It sucks when it happens to you, but when it happens to others? Their pain is your gain.

Sure, it might be immature, but c’mon, who can blame me? It’s just flat out funny!

So we received an email from Achille Lauro, a 4 man Atmospheric-Rock band from Denver, consisting of Matt Close, Jonathan Evans, Ben and Luke Mossman. They sent us a music video of their song “Lighting” off of their new LP “Flight or Flight”. Here is what they said: “We love hot dogs and mechanical bulls”. Intrigued, I clicked on the video and damn. That shit is hilarious. You see people holding and eating some food. Well trying actually because they’re riding a mechanical bull at the same time. What ensues is a whole bunch of hilarity, watching people eat…well I can’t say shit because they’re actually eating food but they’re falling down at the same time. So they’re biting it hardcore. And god damn, did I laugh my ass off the entire time. I enjoyed the camera attached to the helmet parts, because you can actually see them making a serious effort to eat, but just fail.  I especially want to throw a shout out to the balding dude in the flannel, eating a taco (Ben?). I rewinded to watch him fly off a whole bunch of times haha. Normally, whenever I come across a fail video, I mute the crap music behind it. Not this time. I was pleasantly surprised by the solid effort. Props to Achille Lauro for making a very entertaining video to a nice song. Wait scratch that. Props for making a nice song followed up with an entertaining video. I was drawn in by the nifty little synths followed by those drums. It was a good intro into a nice catchy song. I was thrown off by the change in pacing of the song at some points, but that was cool, I appreciated them breaking the monotony of the same-sounding track throughout that you hear all the time. This is really my first taste of the ‘atmosphere-rock’ that they call themselves, but it’s pretty cool actually. Different, but hey, nothing wrong with a little uniqueness. The weird thing is that even though it is not a traditional dance track, I get kind of this like whole-body-bobbing feel to it.

Achillie Lauro was brilliant in the way they thought up of this awesome video to accompany the song. Makes it all more enjoyable to listen to. So watch it and enjoy the people eat…food and fly off!

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