The Record Company NEW Music! Superdead EP

Superdead cover art

A few days ago I got an email from The Record Company (whose fantastic debut I covered a while back) that stated the following:”….just wanted to let you know we have a  new FREE EP called “Superdead” up on Bandcamp as well as a new video for our song “On The Move”. It has a giant pterodactyl in it!”

Needless to say, I was very excited by this information. I’ll give you guys a chance to guess why I was so pumped up…yup the pterodactyl, the guys simply know how to grab attention. Before I carry on, watch this utterly entertaining mashup between the video containing clips from Columbia Pictures 1957 movie “The Giant Claw” and of course the very 1950s hard blues rock of The Record Company.

Are you not entertained? Alright let’s move on the real reason why I am eager to share this post: the first of hopefully many to come EPs from the California band.

In my interview with them I asked them the following:

4. Based on what you guys have released so far, “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely” and the cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, what kind of musical direction can your fans expect from an eventual release of an EP? 

It will definitley continue to be a raw sound, something that reflects who we are as people I think.  We can’t help but have a blues sound, and as far as that sound goes we tend to lean on the early electric stuff.  It will hopefully just be a good record to put on at a party and drink some beers too..

Listening to the EP, I see they have accomplished this goal and then some. Let’s examine “On The Move” for instance. The inclusion of the harmonica adds that soulful spin to the already raw track supported by that bumping bass. At this point and time, I don’t know what else I can articulate about this band that I haven’t had already. The notion of a rock blues band in LA is a very anachronistic concept, but what’s that saying about rock music like this? Classy and timeless, so that blows the previous statement about of the water.

I’ve covered this band a few times now, and each time I can’t help but feel a bit guilty afterwards because I end up copping the track from them for free.  However, I always comfort myself by saying that next time, next time I’ll throw in financial support. To be honest, after a EP like this this reality is coming closer then I think. Get while it’s hot folks.

Check out their bandcamp to hear and download Superdead

The Record Company Facebook

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