Test Case of Music Exposure: Kari Kimmel – “Black”

Black cover art

I admit that I am a “Walking Dead” fan. Despite all of the frustrations associated with watching this show (Carl…Lori….so useless) I cannot help but continue to stick around to see if the program can live up to its full potential based off of its neat premise. Here is The Walking Dead Season 3 trailer from Comic-Con. Premieres October 14th on AMC.

Not going to lie here, the music  that starts at the 2:43 mark is pretty badass. It’s got me giddy for the Walking Dead again, even though I was exhausted from the atrocious pacing from Season 2. Oh well, it’s time to strap up and jump back into it again. However, since the tv discussion is best left to Dylan and his expertise (Although I like how he’s the lone supporter of the Newsroom haha), I must redirect the focus back to the music.

Although the comments on the youtube video of the music I will link below is dominated by nothing but Walking Dead discussion, I must admit that the track is pretty good as a stand-alone. It’s definitely a Wild Wild West kind of track with those twangs and devil may care attitude that is evoked.

According to her bio, she has done everything from writing, recording and co-producing her own music to placing her songs in over 250 film and tv shows from House and Being Human, it’s safe to say that Miss Kimmel is a well known artist among the sound people in Hollywood.  To provide context in how music and television are linked together, I pulled this Youtube comment out: “The day The Walking Dead trailer came out I found this song. It had 16k Views. Now it has close to 107k.” That was only a week ago. So here’s my question: How much of Kari Kimmel’s popularity is attributed to her talent, which attracted attention from producers and featured her work? To what degree is it the other way around? Finally, the question that remains is this: Does it matter anyway?

Quick thoughts to muse about, but in the meantime enjoy that track.

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