Of Mice & Men stream “The Flood” Reissue (featuring 4 new tracks)

Rise Records is currently streaming the entirety of Of Mice & Men’s “The Flood” reissue, which features four new tracks from the band. The reissue drops thursday. This marks the band’s first material without bassist/vocalist Shayley Bourget, and Austin Carlile handles all vocal duties.

The playlist with all songs can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5A71EB5F4E9FDB3A

Check out one of the previously unreleased tracks here: 

My thoughts: The band has taken up a noticeably heavier and more groove-oriented sound compared to older material. Chuggy breakdowns still abound, but the production is significantly grittier and the guitar tunings have dropped even further. Personally I appreciate their attempts to evolve, since the sound from their self-titled record has been so overdone in the past few years, but I find their need to detune guitar strings more with every record a little disappointing. Austin Carlile’s screams have always been the high point of the band, and they sound far more biting when accompanied by riffage in C# as opposed to B or A. Regardless, the new tracks are enjoyable and bode well for their upcoming third record. (One more note: The first new “song,” The Calm, is really just and intro and probably shouldn’t have been billed as a full track).

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