Presenting a Humble Musical Genius: Fagottron (aka Pogo)

First off, let’s get something out onto the table, I suck. My embarrassing lack of posts has been due to a serious illness known as laziness. You may be familiar with it. If not, congratulations; you are one in one-hundred Americans born with an extra motivation chromosome. I’m a doctor, trust me.

Moving on to why I actually brought you here Mr. Wayne. Riddle me this, is music a vital part of a movie? (It is.) So then we can assert that music is one of the many ingredients that go into a movie. Why then, I ask you Dear Internetz, can’t movies be an ingredient in music. Holy contributing-to-the-delinquency-of-minors Batman! Spoiler Alert: TDKR is Inception 2 They can.

What we have here is Pogo (or as his youtube name indicates: Fagottron). A 23-year-old Australian electronic trip-hop musician that specializes in weaving together samples from popular movies. I stumbled upon this guy a couple months ago and upon watching his video “Alice” promptly re-watched it like 6 times before finally going to bed that night. As you can hear in the above song, his mixes have a very ethereal sound, taking light sounds like strings and singing from the movie’s music and joining it with dialogue and various sounds from the movie that are cut up to remind one of classic DJ vinyl scratching. What you get in the end is a peaceful and in many cases, nostalgic piece of music that is both comforting and stimulating in the same way that sitting and listening to a waterfall is.

As you have gathered at this point Pogo is big on Disney movies. With those two songs being arguably his most popular its hard to avoid this truth. But, his collection extends to tons of other classics such as: Pulp Fiction, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Lord of the Rings (Along with many others). All of these songs work together the dialogue in a way that blends the ideas of lyrics and instrumental music/sounds. You’re never really sure if you’re hearing structured sentences or just a really awesome fusion of voices, music, and sounds.

Check Pogo out at his youtube channel here
Follow him on twitter allllllll the way overrrrrrrr……….  ———> here
Potentially download all his past stuff down there ↓ (Once his site is back up…)

Yes, here

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