My Top 5 Most Played Songs and iTunes (And what I have to say about them)

So here I am, sitting on my computer with a desire to write about music and myself. And there you are, with a desire to read about music… and me! Don’t be shy, I see your daydreams. Serious business ahead though, here are my top 5 most played songs on iTunes and what I have to say about them.

1. On Melancholy Hill, Gorillaz
I’ve been saying for years now that the best song of all “modern” music is Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz. I have yet to find a soul that doesn’t love it. Regardless On Melancholy Hill is easily my favorite Gorillaz song. It’s relaxing, sentimental, somber, hopeful, and uplifting all in one. I’ve listened to this song in a vast variety of moods and each time it pleases in a different way.

2. So Damn High, Sol
Okay, so this one doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. Suffice it to say that this song was played many-a-time after returning home from a night of debauchery. Sober or not though, this song will always remind me of high school and many nights spent just thinking… and thinking.

3. Party and Bullshit in the USA Hathbanger
Similarly, this song screams freshman year shenanigans to me. Why? Because Miley Cyrus, that’s why. This was probably one of the first really good mashups I ever listened to, so cheers to Hathbanger, here’s to taking apples and oranges and making oranpples.

4. Veridis Quo Daft Punk
On a similar level to #1, Veridis Quo is able to pack a whole lot of feelings into just a single song. It gives off a vibe of exploring and discovering something new (Hint: watch Interstella 5555). It also brings back the memory of figuring out for the very first time that “Veridis Quo” is a homophone of “Very Disco” which when switched becomes “Discovery” (The album name). Minds were bottled that day.

5. Livin’ The Dream (I’m on a Float) Super Mash Bros
Again, mashups. To this day I still can’t hear Viva La Vida without trying to break out into Twista rap. Chris can have his opinions on mashups, I’ll have mine, which are right. Regardless, this song is crazy and actually a blast to listen to.

❤ Cheers

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