You Got Here How?


This is honestly my favorite feature of our blog. I love seeing what brings people to our little corner of the internet. It is an often perverse exploration into the human psyche – when people enter these search terms, they don’t expect anyone to see them. This leads to often hilarious, dirty, and sometimes disturbing results. With this said, today’s “You Got Here How?” is different. It comes from the concerned mind of a prospective Buddhist, a mind plagued by one nagging question:


“does reaching nirvana feel like being engulfed by a fire”


This is not a religious blog. I know that our name may be misleading, but we know nothing about Buddhism. I’m sorry. What I do know about nirvana is that it is supposedly quite peaceful, so I would say that no, I don’t think reaching nirvana feels like being engulfed by a fire. But what do I know, I’m just a nineteen year old agnostic with a high school degree and a year of college education under my belt.

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