“Become Another Person” – Careful Hands

Coming out of Regina, Saskatchewan is a one man band called Careful Hands. The solo artist, Brennon Patterson, focuses his style on the folk, acoustic type sound. Folk is something I have never really looked into, or even made the effort. But giving this LP, “Become Another Person” a listen, I actually can say I dig some of the stuff that goes on. This is some very cool music and something interesting to look into.

With no prior knowledge or exposure to folk, I started listening to “Become Another Person” expecting nothing. I’ll be honest, it took me two times through to like it. At first, I ran through each song quickly because I was in a hurry and impatient. I didn’t like it so I closed the link. A little while later, with nothing to do, I decided to open it up again. This time with nothing to do, I just let myself listen to the whole album. I seriously went through 3 whole times. And I really like it! Definitely a great first impression for this folk business. Listening to Mr. Patterson play his instruments and croon out his lyrics has something calming about them. What I appreciate most about this album is the mixture of upbeat, smooth songs as well as a bit darker, more contemplative type songs. The cool thing about the album is that everything just kind of fits together. The set-up of the tracks is perfect, going between that upbeat sound to the slower, calmer tones. In the email I received from Careful Hands, he said that the album “is a story of reflection” and that it “brings the listener to a place of both conflict and comfort.” Listening to the album, I can really get what he is trying to say about the album because of the way the songs are set up makes it seem like Careful Hands is actually taking us through a journey that reflects on his own life as well as our own. It’s just something that I listen to and feel like it is going through its ups and downs like every other person in this world goes through. “Deeply aware of the human condition” as he puts it and those words just fit perfectly for this album. Being able to change the way the feelings that are evoked out of people through out the songs is very neat and this is one of the few times I have felt like a band has put together an album that sets up their songs in perfect order. These smooth vocals and chill beats just kind of make me want to get up and hike around. Kind of like some sort of Christopher McCandless adventure. Overall the album is great. I don’t have anything but praise for this one. I like it a lot and it’s grown on me quickly, having only listened to this album throughout the duration of this post.

His more upbeat type songs are the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th and the calmer ones are the 2nd, 4th, and 5th. If I had to choose for my 3 favorites off of this one, I’d have to go with “What We Share” (4th), “Going Nowhere” (7th), and “Such of You” / “The Mission” (1st and Last). Yeah I know that is 4 but the first and last have to be thrown in together because of the way they start and end the album. Taking us through the adventure and then ending it. Also those are the ones that display the most of the bitching harmonica.

This was a great discovery, so thank you to Mr. Patterson for this awesome effort. It is well appreciated.

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