Introducing: Iska Daaf

Photo Credit – The Stranger


Hey guys, long time no see. I haven’t posted in ages due to end of the school year craziness, a trip to Spain, and ultimately summer laziness. With that said, I’m back. To make up for my disappearance, I bring you a new band composed of two Seattle scene favorites. The band is Iska Daaf and the members are Buffalo Madonna (of Mad Rad fame) and Benjamin Verdoes (of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band fame). Verdoes and Madonna have spent the last couple of years playing together as Mad Rad collaborators; Verdoes has contributed guitar to Mad Rad live performances and to their excellent 2010 record The Youth Die Young. This project sees them taking their musical prowess to new and interesting places. Madonna, known for his skill behind the microphone and a chaotic stage presence, is playing guitar while Verdoes moves behind the drum kit. The duo shares vocal duties. The combination is not what you would expect –  swelling guitar, pounding climaxes, and pastoral harmonies replace the electro beats and linguistic ballet of Mad Rad. The project veers closer to Verdoes’ work in Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band. Madonna’s guitar work impresses as does the duo’s harmony and vocal interplay. The group is brand new as their soundcloud features two songs posted two weeks ago, both having only been listened to 10 times. Expect to hear more about Iska Daaf as more music is released, these demos are a promising foray into new territory for each musician.

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