[Must Listen] Passion Pit- “Constant Conversation”

With Passion Pit’s first debut, I put “Sleepyhead” on repeat and skipped over the rest of the work. However, with recent releases like “Take A Walk” and now “Constant Conversations”, I’ll be more inclined to take a look at the whole album again. However, I do know that so far, this latest release “Constant Conversation” takes the cake as my favorite Passion Pit song to date.

‘Constant Conversation’ we get a sensual,  R&B soaked sound with the perfect amount of synth-pop. This isn’t exactly the same Passion Pit sound we all heard back in high school. The R & B atmosphere really steadies the mood and pacing of the song. Gone is the exuberant beauty of a no-holds bar falsetto. Instead we got a more relaxed delivery that develops with backing female vocals. While I think the sound alone is wonderful, but hot damn do the lyrics add a different dimension to the song itself.

“Constant Conversations” discusses serious themes in a a discussion of the relationship while allowing  enough bright indie pop influence to produce playful and even uplifting track. The infectious chorus of “oh oh ohs” perfectly compliments the messy synths and sensual sound. A perfect evening summer jam.  Passion Pit’s new album, ‘Gossamer’, drops on July 24.

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Right-Click to Download)

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