Barcelona’s Fantastic “Evermore” + Lyrics

My question is why the hell haven’t I been listening to this band more often? I didn’t even realize they were from Seattle until I heard this song and checked them out. These guys rock! How have I been skimping by without listening to them? The track “Evermore” by Barcelona is absolutely fantastic!

 The amount of views on this track is ridiculous. Why are there not thousands of views on this, I cannot fathom. Barcelona came out with their album ‘Not Quite Yours’ on May 8th and there are hardly any views for this song. This is actually the first song that I’ve given my full attention to by them and man am I thoroughly impressed! Everything fits right in with each other to make this super catchy beat with easy lyrics to sing along with. This is one of those songs that are just fun to sing along with or just sit there and bob your head to. The pianos mixed in with this rock based sound just fit in so nicely together and it makes this nice flowy sound to listen to. The singing is pretty relaxed too, not trying to overpower the beat or anything. They all sit together on one level to make this very nice song. The meaning of the song is pretty cool too. Essentially the song conveys the story of someone that is stuck and wondering whether they should go all out and love another forever. Now whether or not this person decides to keep going with this love is arbitrary. Some instances insinuate that it is worth everything to keep going while others seem to indicate that it is ridiculous to keep going and they should get out now. This is definitely something nice to listen to for the summer. Even if it is raining and supposed to be summer, Barcelona is from Seattle, so they know exactly what they’re doing by releasing this song. Smart by setting it up so that it is in time for a great summer or to let people take their minds off of the mopey rain outside. Great one.


I ran my heart around the town

I ran it out of breath

my mind got separated from

this beating in my chest

i look for miles and saw you here

wrapped around in pain

i see i’ve got a question now

that haunts me every day


can we keep this evermore?

i came here to find out

give me a sign now

i found you screaming evermore

i see a light now

i found a way out                                                       


a civil boy that you conduct

that comes to life in me

and what am i gonna lose

and what do i stand to gain?

honestly my sense is gone

it left me in the night

this heaven where you hold me

but what the hell’s the point?


can we keep this evermore?

i came here to find out

give me a sign now

i found you screaming evermore

i see a light now

i found a way out



i need…

don’t give up…

don’t fall asleep…

i found peace…

in every cry and every scream


i found you screaming evermore

it’s still in light now

i found a way out

can we keep this evermore?

i came here to find out

give me a sign now


i heard you keep on coming back for more

i see the light now

i found the way out

I know I will keep listening to Barcelona. They definitely have my attention now!

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