Jhameel-“Walls Down”

Just when you thought Jhameel would settle down for a minute after his “Are You Free” EP, he comes back with another track reflecting on his recent work. “Walls Down” has this almost somber feel, but probably more of this relaxed, contemplative feel. This is not the type of ‘chill’ where I mean you just sit down with some buds and just hang, but more like sit and just think. That’s what I like about this track, it’s just something I can listen to and just kick back and think. The beat is not overly poppy and in your face, which is what we usually get with Jhameel, but just relaxed. So the beat is a nice change of pace. The song is just nice to listen to.

Now about the lyrics. They actually say a lot. They mean much to me because I feel like they fit into how my life is currently going. I live a life that is constantly in flux and I don’t really let much get to me; I just kind of brush it off to the side. But listening to the actual lyrics, makes sense to me, the feeling that everything that I have put off is coming up. Just that feeling of holding things in and not letting things go anywhere. Not really sure how to put it in words, but the meaning of the song just kind of speaks to me. The words will make sense to the people in which the words apply to their life.


i spent a long time running from heartache so 
i can’t believe that it caught up to me now 
i kept it all to myself and i paid the toll 
i feel its force taking all of my walls down

i spent a long time running from feeling bold 
i can’t believe that it’s all up to me now 
i kept it all my head so my heart is cold 
i feel its burn taking all of our walls down

and it’s coming to get you too 
taking all of your walls down 
and it’s coming to me too 
taking all of our walls down

i spent a long time running away 
i feel a force taking over 
it’s been too long and i’m ready to pay 
i feel its force taking

For once, Jhameel is actually just putting his track onto itunes to be bought. He’s been gracious enough to allow all of us to download his music for free, for so long, so we should do him a favor and buy this song. It’s worth it; A good listen and effort by Jhameel.

Buy on itunes here!


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