We Are Knights Tears EP (Review)

We Are Knights, kitsune

Jean-Marc BattalierGuilhem Hatt and Gaëlle Malandrone make up the French band We Are Knights and have recently dropped debut EP Tears. However, before any discussion of the music takes place, let’s talk about how much the trio have accomplished in their short time together. After having taken one of their compositions to the brand American Vintage, they got spotted by the Parisian label Kitsuné, which offered them an appearance on the compilation “Kitsuné Parisien ii”. Vogue has also chosen a few of their songs to illustrate the video diaries of Fashion Week. What a great deal of accomplishments….not bad for a band who has just been together for one year (they formed last year in June). Wow. Wow. Wow. So now that their resume has been covered, let’s examine why exactly this band has skyrocketed to such heights this year, and how their sound provides the foundation for future success in the upcoming years.

Break down of the EP ( I excluded the remixes because I really want to emphasize the fantastic work done by the band)


This is the song that initially drove all those music blogs and most likely propelled We Are Knights onto the French music scene. I’ve already had the pleasure of covering this track a few months ago when I stumbled onto this band for the first time. So allow me to repeat a few things here. Thanks to the low-fi sound and washed out vocals, the song has an absolutely cosmopolitan vibe to it, appropriate to listen to when the individual finds himself just amazed at the bustling pace of the city life. The whispers of the chorus caresses with soothing sounds that evoke serenity.

“Turn Around You”

Gather around that bonfire with your closest friends and put this song on repeat as you all sit and discuss the bittersweet feeling of growing up and moving on. I read another  review classifying We Are Knight’s sound as “vibrant melancholy”, and this song is the perfect manifestation of that characteristic. The French spoken by Gaëlle but it sounds absolutely aching given the nature of this song. “Turn Around You” is a sort of meditation on the exact moment of recognition that everything is wrong. Then again, maybe everything is just fine. In any case, the song is a great tune to listen to when you just want to reflect.

“Out of Sight”

The most upbeat song out of them all, “Out of Sight” expands upon “Tears” and “Turn Around You” by deriving a more active sound from the bread and butter formula of electronic synths and  steady guitar pulse.

This dreamy, electropop  offers the opportunity for reflection and through several listens, the music convinces the world-weary that everything will turn  out alright. Listening to the Tears EP is a great retreat into solitude  to escape the hectic demands of modern life, but paradoxically it’s also the catalyst to inspire return… but this time the individual comes back refreshed.  Before everything is said and done, I hope to be able to see We Are Knights perform. This is low-fi at its finest, and it is absolutely superb.

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