Here It Is: Jhameel’s “Let’s Run Away”

Finally. The last track of this series. Not saying it as I’m glad it’s over, but waiting for what this series would bring. And I can say this has brought on some cool music this time around. Jhameel is definitely evolving as an artist. It takes guts to go beyond something that has given you so much success, but all the props to Jhameel because  here he is with this 5 track set, each with it’s own different sound. Not only is each one distinctly different from his past songs, but the lyrics and vibes have all been experimented with. It is so cool of him to go and try new things. It takes real guts to do something different. He went out and did it. And I can say I am glad he did. I have had a good time listening to how much he has changed, yet not at the same time. He’s maintained his pop roots. Jhameel? Respect, seriously.

His new track “Let’s Run Away” is the final installment and is Jhameel’s proclaimed favorite track of the set. I can understand why. Songs like this are what truly showcase the strength in his voice and the passion he has in his music. This beat is different from the others. Very repetitive, but it very nice, underlying the song, providing a solid base to work from. Jhameel really uses his voice to carry his song though. There is something awesome about this one in the way that he uses echos to bounce the beat and his lyrics. This one was very chill and just something that would be nice to listen to during some downtime and just hanging. The lyrical content follows a feeling or an urge that most people aspire to have often, so the cool part is how people can identify with the song. Although it is short, it hits all the points it needs to make. Everyone just wants to escape every now and then with someone they care about.  Although the beats of this song were not my favorite of the series, the lyrics were awesome.


let’s run away 
i know a place

cause i’ve been high 
and i’ve been low 
and underneath 
where darkness goes 
it makes no sense 
so i don’t know 
it makes no sense 
but let’s just go 
oh darlin’

lay your head on mine we’re leaving 
everything behind chest beating 
i’m only there for you

 So Jhameel? Thank you so much for allowing us to follow the process of your development into a complete artist. I have enjoyed these past 5 weeks immensely and will be eagerly awaiting what will come next!

Week One: “Are You Free”

Week Two: “Shadow of a Man”

Week Three: “A Maiden Calling”

Week Four: “The Long Run”

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