Beat Connection “Think /Feel”

While no longer stationed in Seattle, it pleases me that I have come across a band that produces some great electronic dream pop that listeners will enjoy  if they listen to M83 and the works. Originally, Beat Connection was the Garageband project of Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger. Their Surf Noir EP, with a huge emphasis on laid back chill electronic sound, earned a great deal of praise last year, including the title of “Best New Band of 2011” by Seattle Weekly. However, with the vocals of Tom Eddy and beats of drummer Jarred Katz, the project has developed into a full four-piece band whose track“Think/Feel” is the first taste we get of this new Beat Connection. “Think/Feel” takes Beat Connection’s toned-down vibe and ups the energy level to create a bigger sound. However, this does not entail that the roots of their sound is completely gone, as there remains that  xylophone synth in the sound. For this track, Beat Connection teamed up with  Chelsey Scheffe, producing vocals that are lighter than air, floating throughout and repeating the song’s simple message. “I feel too little and think too much”, she repeats over and over again.“Think/Feel” is dance music you can feel and relate to. Beat Connection’s latest work The Palace Garden,  will be out later this summer.

Beat Connection (feat. Chelsey Scheffe) – Think/Feel (MP3)

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