Justus Yearous – Conflictions

The lead singer of This Is Your Captain Speakingan eastside Seattle band that Chris raved about a couple weeks ago–just released a collection of solo, mostly acoustic songs he titles “Conflictions”, and, upon first listen, are quite good.

The album occasionally features other members of TIYCS in small doses, and the songwriting is obviously reminiscent of what they do. However, the album sounds very pared-down and stripped, which in some areas works out well, and in others could use some beefing. In other words, the hallmark of a solid solo side project.

What really gets me with this album is its production quality–most of the tracks sound plucked from at least a mid-range studio. Wonder how that happened when the album was recorded at his house. Nice mixing, mastering and engineering. Seriously.

It’s free and worth a download. Check it out.

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