Remix Roundup: Grooving & Moving

So I was a couple days late with this post, as it was supposed to be a post about some songs that would build some good vibes heading into the weekend. Better late than never though

Vancouver electronic artist Teen Daze released a free disco dance gem called “Let’s Groove”, a rework of Earth, Wind and Fire’s classic track of the same name. Teen Daze are better known for their previous releases in the chillwave genre, but I’m thrilled that these guys are moving past that sound and trying their hands at new sounds.  Based off of “Let’s Groove”, it’s not a bad direction to take.

Teen Daze – Let’s Groove

Good Morning Good Night (GMGN), AKA Ben Adams, does justice in respect to this classic by infusing a disco aspect to the house track. The beat is great and it is entices that the listener groove a bit at the very least.  I mean, how can you not when you have Michael Jackson in the track? I am particularly fond of this track because it introduced me to other songs other than “Don’t Stop till You Get Enough” off of Michael’s “Off the Wall” album.  It’s lighthearted fun and it definitely represented my weekend.

 Goldroom   Fifteen (Oxford Remix)

US producer Goldroom’s track “Fifteen” has been a popular song for remixers, captivating because of the song’s dream pop nature of the original. However, Parisian DJ Oxford has the best, most summer-appropriate take. The beat is even more upbeat than the original, but it still offers that opportunity for contemplation and reflection, which makes it a great track to check out as one unwinds from the whirlwind of activity the past few days.

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