End of Freshman Year Reflection.

Let me tell you the most profound thing I feel that I have learned as a result of my Dream Project experience and first year at UW. The greatest flaw one can have is to assume that they will reach the pinnacle of something, be it their tolerance, compassion, and most obviously their knowledge of how the world works. Camus had it mostly right, human existence is much like rolling the boulder up that hill. However, he specifies that eventually the individual reaches to the top, only to see the boulder roll back down the hill. However, I see Sisyphus as never reaching the top ever. He may falter and lose control of the boulder, and thereby trudge back downhill to begin his task anew. But he continues again, applying the new knowledge as he carries himself up the hill once more. But as specified earlier, I do not see him reaching the top simply because it signifies a sense of completion. Things never end, to claim that something is over is false, it is merely the transition into a new challenge while approaching it in a manner that is eager to learn in order to try to triumph over the latest feature. Walking into college, I thought I knew a lot, but it turns out that education, in the academic and real world sense, merely demonstrates how much more ignorant I am about the conditions of existence. And I think I am okay with that because I know that I am ready to learn as much as I can from it all. I have faith in that this approach to life will allow me grow as a human being, both by allowing me to be open to other perspectives and by allowing other people to feel comfortable presenting their viewpoints to me. I… I am happy beyond anything I felt ever before.

I forwarded this to Dylan and he made an eloquent response check it out: “I think it’s applicable in more ways than one. It means that it– it being life– is not really about achieving happiness, but rather the pursuit of it: the founding fathers had it right. It’s the process, not the outcome. And it pervades the subconscious of our culture. Why have we gone to see rom-coms throughout recorded history? We all know they get together — the outcome is certain. We keep coming back because the process continues to evolve, to refine itself, through years of learning the most efficient way to roll the boulder up the hill. Despite numerous failures, the genre continues on, as do we, continually improving and refining the joys of the process.

There’s only one song that I can thing of that can capture the emotions of what I am feeling right now. Star Slinger’s “Mornin'” is that perfect song, a blissful song that ends wayyyyy too soon, leaving the listener begging for more. In many ways, that’s like myself, life has treated me so well, I can’t wait to see what’s next in my life.


Star Slinger: Mornin’

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