Cadence Weapon – Poet and A Rapper

Edmonton, Canada. Not a city commonly known in the states for its undercurrent of crime and gang activity. To some Canadians and to some of those who call the city home however, Edmonton is “Dirt City”. Rollie Pemberton knows this Edmonton. In fact, Rollie was the poet laureate of Alberta’s capital for a time. Now, Rollie continues to write but under a different moniker – Cadence Weapon. Cadence Weapon’s beats are grimey and subliminal, percussive and tangled. The beats are a reflection of his flow, which glides effortlessly between syllables and words, melding to portray conflicts internal and municipal, racial and existential. This is hip hop as it was intended, heady and reflective. External and internal. Global.


Fresh off the release of his third album, Hope In Dirt City, Rollie is currently touring in support of Japandroids.

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