You Got Here How?


The latest edition of You Got Here How? features a BONAFIDE SEATTLE ICON and, you know, someone people all over the country and the world care about. I’m talking BONAFIDE WORLD ICON. Apparently not one but two people have come to our site to see these icons interact, and not in a peaceful manner. Yes, two of you want to see these heroes do battle. Intense battle. ASS KICKING BATTLE. In one corner, the man and the legend, Mr. “My City’s Filthy” #Sharkfacegang #I’veseenoxycodontake5lives himself – MACKLEMORE. In the other corner, Mr. “I win a lot of titles” #next Michael Jordan #possible rapist – KOBE BRYANT.

Two people reached this site by searching: “macklemore kick kobe bryant’s ass”

Not “kicks” mind you, but “kick”.

Macklemore – Seattle’s Prodigal Son and Slayer of Mufuckin’ Superstars


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