RAC feat. Penguin Prison | Hollywood (THE MAGICIAN Remix)

The Remix Artist Collective comprised of Andre Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury and Kalk Kling have blessed us with countless of satisfying remixes (the remix of “Why Even Try” comes to mind) over the past 2 years. However, this year they sought to change things up a bit and release an original work, teaming up with Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover to craft this summer friendly feel good track “Hollywood”. Check out the original and download for free via the Green Label Sound.

After all those wonderful remixes, it’s high time that someone pays respect to RAC and do their work justice. Enter Belgian DJ The Magician, who changes things up by taking on the song and makes something of his own with a cheerful remix. So with the very first remix of RAC ever, the biggest question to be answered is quite simple: Does it do RAC justice? The short answer is an outstanding yes. It’s a remix that is truly outstanding in its bubbling, wholesome infectious tune. While there is big emphasis on highlighting the sunnier aspects of the sound to pay homage to the original, the new element to the sound comes from the integration of the groovy feel that will earn a few plays during the evening party. This remix is truly outstanding. Smooth, sexy and wholesome. Looks like I got another source to turn to when I am in search for great remixes.

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