Jhameel!!! Fresh, New “Shadow of a Man”

Ah fucking A. Not even enough time to totally immerse myself into Jhameel’s new stuff, and here he is with another track. Week two of the five week period where he’ll release a new track every Tuesday is Jhameel’s latest “Shadow of a Man”. I could just heap on praise about his magical voice every single time, but I want to draw attention to his lyrics especially this time. 


take it by your bruises he’s been workin’ hard on ya 
feedin’ you this bullshit why he needs to take it out on ya 
i’ve seen this all before 
slaps you then calls you whore 
you need to leave him darlin’ don’t let this go on

take it by your bleedin’ he’s been beatin’ strong on ya 
tellin’ me this bullshit you can’t live without his arm on ya 
i’ve heard this all before 
can’t nobody help no more 
you need to leave him darlin’ don’t let this go on

i know you’ve known him for so long 
but the one that you love is gone 
and left is a 
shadow of a man

you need to stop baby think about yourself 
are you happy with the way that he’s been treatin’ you like hell 
you need to stop baby think about your child 
are you happy with the way that he’s been givin’ her the belt

one day you’ll look back and you’ll cry 
you’ll have a new man by your side 
he’ll treat that precious ass so well 
one day you’ll look back at this hell

This is some pretty serious stuff he’s singing about. Unfortunately, this situation that he sings about is exactly what goes on for way too many women. Serious respect to Jhameel. I can honestly say this is the first song I have ever heard that actually doesn’t talk about beating some chick but coming from the other side. I really do appreciate it. His lyrics hold true and are really strong. Seems like so far, on this album, all he has to sing about are the situations that seem to fit so many people. It takes someone to be able to do some critical thinking to realize something, but someone really intelligent to creatively make some lyrics that make sense around that situation. It’s not hard to pick on either. One read through will tell the whole story.

Now about the actual beats. It is a stark contrast from his earlier effort in “Are You Free”. Coming off of the rock-synth heavy song to more of his forte, Jhameel rocks this pop. Now asisdes from the content of the lyrics, the beats don’t seem to fit it at first because the song starts off sounding like maybe it’ll lead into a hopeful/summery type feel but the pace of the song quickens to match the dark lyrics. The song still has that feeling where you want to groove your body along with the beat, but by the time the chorus hits, with with raised voice? Shit that part is awesome. Jhameel comes back with another fantastic effort with this track. Nice beats, awesome singing, and meaningful lyrics. What more can you want?

Week 1: “Are You Free”

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